"Becoming One" does not mean that we will all have one singular viewpoint. Our paths aren't merging into one singular path, with one singular mind, serving one singular individual. But what is happening is that our perceptions are beginning to widen. Eventually our perceptions will get so wide that the gaps between our individual paths will become filled and begin to overlap. We will recognize how other individuals paths serve to hold the space for our own individual path. We will recognize that fear of differences is a contradiction to our existence because we cannot exist as we are without those contrasting differences. We will recognize that all individual paths together equal one amazing holistic energy, one fully interconnected race of peoples, on one fully interconnected planet, within one fully interconnected universe. As we recognize that our individual paths are fully interconnected and cannot stand alone without the contrast of other paths, we move into a deeper mutual respect with all, with total recognition of the importance of other contrasting viewpoints. With a complete mutual respect and mutual gratitude for the holding together of this mutual space, we move towards being in tune and resonating with all individuals and all paths. Enjoy the journey. Namaste.