The Window

Our perceptions are like a window. It's not an entirely accurate analogy, but an effective one I think. Most of the time we find ourselves with our faces pressed right up against the window...totally and completely engrossed with what is going on outside of that window. We need to step back. Notice what is around us at the depths of our true self before the perception of the external world. We tend to forget that there is anything else but what is going on outside of that window, where the story of this life is so actively happening.

This window is like the best three dimensional movie screen ever invented, IMAX for our consciousness. We are always watching this movie with such complete focused intensity that we become so completely engrossed that we completely forget the true nature of our infinite selves. We forget who we were before we started watching these stories out this window...this wonderful, exhilarating, terrifying, love filled, heart breaking, white knuckled story of The Hero's Journey...a story of time & space & duality.

It's time to remember how to fall back into yourself. Remember how to see your energetic world. Remember your infinite nature. This information is almost incomprehensible / incomputable from a logical standpoint. That logical / Newtonian approach is formed by the interfacing with that window. You cannot step back from the window using the same tools in the same way that you are using to form the stories on the other side of that window in the first place.

Experience a falling back within yourself...a letting go. Give yourself over to the flows of your subconscious mind. Release those perceptions of the external world and turn inwards...don't worry, the external world will be there waiting when you push your face to that window once again. =)

Another important thing to remember in this time... Don't expect everyone's experience of what is happening on the other side of the window to completely match yours. We each have a different interface, a different type of window. Just because you experience something one way does not mean that when someone else experiences that same thing in a completely different way they are wrong. You are both right. OR you could see it that we are all technically wrong because we are all experiencing distortions of the infinite energy that we all truly are...and infinity presenting itself as its true nature holds no form.

We must stop trying to be right all the time on what we are experiencing on the other side of that window. Fall back into yourself and reconnect with the truest essence of yourself. Strengthen the connection to your intuition and your higher self. And remember whenever you are projecting something to the other side of that window, the physical world, it must first pass through that interface, the window...and first be subjected to the distortions that lie therein.

These physical bodies are a resonant technology. We can shift and move energy. We can create the world around us. And we are far more powerful working together. It's time to come together. It's time to create a beautiful world. ♥

InnerSelfSustained ~