True Collaboration

Coming together. Collaboration. Being open...not just within certain parameters, but truly being open to collaboration. This doesn't mean that you have to take on the beliefs of another, it means creating contrast...without dogma. It means taking ideas that may be opposing to your own and bringing them together without judgment...seeing what happens when we are willing to work with mediums we are not comfortable with, not just on the physical level, but on all levels. Open collaboration is bringing your beliefs to be shared with beliefs that may be in contrast to your own...and finding the ability to do that without judgment or fear, but with a welcoming to that which our logical mind says won't fit. Just imagine what we, humanity, can create from this space.

Overcoming the need for either/or and beginning to create from a space of both/and...this type of collaboration is compassion in action. The willingness to allow another to be their honest self and to work with their open honesty allows for and embraces the contrast that can create a realization that your specific beliefs and truths would not exist without contrast to hold space open for them...that is compassion in action. The willingness to try and truly see and openly work with those contrasting beliefs in collaboration with your own contrasting ideas, forgoing fear, bypassing judgment, that is kindness in action. Being only who you truly are in open collaboration with another who is being only who they truly are can teach us how to find much happiness in this immensely diverse world as we remember what it means to be together. Being together doesn't mean everyone shares the same belief systems.

Don't be afraid to share who you truly are, don't hold back, and don't let fear stop you from openly collaborating with another who is openly sharing who they truly are. Don't try and make another hold back because their beliefs don't match yours 100%. The ability to come together collaboratively in kindness and compassion regardless of beliefs or cultural background or personal judgments is how we change this world. It takes all of us, together.

Be the light you wish to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~