Make a Life


“True masters are those that have chosen to make a life, rather than a living.”

Make a life. Life is a process of creation. How do you create the life that you want?

Want. That is the key word here, want. If you are living in a state of want, you will continue to create a state of want. Our culture is built upon us being in a constant state of want. There is never enough money. There is always a newer and better product.

You've probably heard of the Law of Attraction now that it's worked it's way beautifully into our pop culture in recent years. Creation works as attraction to what you are feeling, not what you are thinking with words. Thought, Words & Deeds are the three levels of creation, but it is the emotional content behind these three things that you manifest into your life. By wanting something you are calling forth the state of wanting something. If you are feeling that you want money, you will manifest more wanting of money.

You cannot have what you want. The act of wanting creates more want and pushes that which you want away from you. So get out of the state of “I want.” Re-train yourself to live in the state of “I am.” 

“I am successful.”
“I am in a state where money flows to me, easily and frequently.”

But affirmations only work if they are statements that you truly know to be true. You have to believe yourself. Try stating with something you can already believe.

“I am part of a beautiful community where people listen when I talk.” (Panic to Freedom)
“I am overcoming fear and anxiety.”
“I am happy.”

The best affirmations are statements of gratitude....and it's much easier to create a state of gratitude when you are happy.

“Thank you for bringing me a beautiful community where people listen when I talk.”
“Thank you for bringing me happiness.”
“Thank you for bringing success and money into my life.”

Whatever you choose to manifest, really choose it! Totally. Completely. Not halfheartedly. Make a life.