I am here starting InnerSelfSustained to overcome the fear and panic of truly opening up. It's time for me to find the strength to fully overcome the fear of fully opening myself up and talking freely about the way I've come to see the world and my spirituality. I need to start really sharing the light inside that I've come to know. I'm fortunate enough to have a group of totally cool and totally amazing people in my life, who all meet up on a regular basis to talk about spirituality and changing the world. (By the way, this isn't something elitist, if any of you ever find your way to Maine, I invite you to join us...I would love for you to join us...please.)

I've had some amazing teachers in my life, I've been blessed to have found myself in the company of true and open wisdom...sometimes, I the hell did I get here? I am truly blessed. One of my amazing teachers tells me many different ways that “in order to fully understand your spiritual growth you've got to give it away.” I'm here to share whatever I can to help you and to help me, so we can all open up. I think that this is important at this present feels like a shifting point.

I was very shy growing up, I had a lot of social anxiety, to be honest..I was freekin awkward..haha! My coping mechanism was to build walls...I built a lot of walls. I've overcome most of the anxiety over the years, but I definitely still have some walls to tear down. What I do for a living involves being very social and being around a lot of people as the center of attention...that doesn't roll so well with of necessity, I've developed ways of coping with anxiety over the years.

When realizing internal knowledge or spiritual knowledge, the first thing you learn is that this knowledge is already inside all of us. I am no greater than you, the amazing teachers I've had are no greater than me, we are all beautiful, amazing, complex beings...the knowledge is inside all of us. You just have to learn a new way of listening to be able to hear it and to understand have to learn how to listen with your heart. The mind gets in the way of this, the mind doesn't allow you to understand what you already know deep down inside of doesn't allow you to know who you really are. Sometimes it takes a great teacher to help you to remember how to unclench your mind...and to just let it all go. Just. Let. Go. Panic to Freedom's 4 principals can help...breathe, come to the present, realize what is really happening right now and what is just a story...and transcend. Powerful tools.

So, listen to your heart. We've got to train our minds to keep out of the way, and allow ourselves to live from the heart. This takes a leap of faith. We have to have faith in ourselves and trust ourselves to create the world in which we want to live...from the heart, not the mind. The mind only serves to confuse you. You cannot truly manifest anything the with mixed signals of the mind, you have to be clear on what you want, confident that is what you want and know that you will have it...that you are worthy to have it...and btw, yes, you really are worthy...because you are worthy of everything. You are more than worthy. You are the most amazing, beautiful and powerful creature in all of the universe. The mind hides this from you. Unclench the mind, let go, take the next step. Live from the heart...move into freedom.