Connecting to the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, our infinite selves


We live in an interesting say the least of it. There is quite a lot of shifting and changing going on in this world that we find ourselves within. A lot of this shifting and changing seems to be stemming from an energetic up-cycling that we (all of humanity) are undergoing.

This energetic shifting is causing us to seek out new ways of doing things, new ideas, and new ways of being. When you have 7 billion souls all starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable in how things have been in the past and all searching for new ways to do things, (on one level or another,) all at the same time, and often in contrast to one another...well...there are bound to be some turbulent times.

Ultimately, I believe that we will find ourselves in a better place...and...I don't know about you...but I want to see that better place as soon as possible, which is why I have moved into doing the work that I do with sound full time.

At this time of great energetic shifting the veil of separation between our current physical incarnate consciousness level, and our higher selves' infinite awareness is getting thinner and thinner. We are slowly starting to remember our deeper connections. Some of us are going in head first, trying to open this up even further, while others are doing everything that they can to shield themselves from these changes.

Regardless of our awareness of this strengthening connection to our higher selves, we are all working against many levels of blockages that impede this shifting. Our sociologically programmed notion of what this reality that we are all functioning within is determines a big part of where our physically conscious mind is functioning from. This is especially true in our day to day pattern / habit driven activities. These pattern / habit driven activities are the times when we have the tendency to be at our least present. This is when all of the conditioned past programming and limiting belief systems kick in.

The grip of these unconscious tendencies can be quite firm. No matter what your level of awareness of this is, this subconscious programming can still be extremely hard to overcome...and it's not something that we can overcome once and just be done with, this is something that we tend to repeatedly slip back into whenever we unconsciously slip back into our pattern / habit driven behaviors...which seems to happen a lot.


The work that I do with sound is geared towards getting people to a level of consciousness (specifically the theta state) where we can get down past the part of our physically conscious mind that is holding and running these programs. This allows us access to deeper parts of ourselves, the infinite parts of ourselves, the parts of ourselves that hold access to infinite knowledge.

We all must work to strengthen this connection, to undo the conditioning and the programming the only way that it is possible to do so, by overwriting it. Creating flow in the energetic body by releasing all the places we are stuck in dense energy, and working towards reforming these energetic pathways towards a deeper connection with our higher / infinite selves is where we will find a furthered thinning of the veil in our day to day lives...allowing us to start functioning more and more from within this space of deep connection.

We are the ones that hold our own answers. But in order for us to access those answers we need to be able to connect to the parts of ourselves that hold those answers. This connection to our higher self is greatly strengthened when we work on releasing our fears, which we do by working on recognizing and releasing our limiting programs and patterns...patterns and programs of self doubt, self defeating belief systems, and a disconnection from the higher parts of ourselves and from each other. Getting past all of that and overwriting it with belief systems that reflect our growing level of conscious awareness and connection is so important at this time. This is a seemingly constant process, always moving forward, always reforming the world we live in to reflect the level of consciousness that we strive for and are beginning to work with at higher levels in each new day.

I find that working with sound seems to be the perfect tool to get ourselves into a state of being where we can allow ourselves to overwrite these limiting patterns and programs. If you would like to experience the work that I have been facilitating in this area for yourself, please join us in one of the many Sound Healing Journeywork workshops that I currently have booked. If I'm not close to your area, let's do what we can to work towards closing that gap.

Deepest gratitude to all of us that are doing this work, on any level, we are all making a difference on many more levels than currently seem to be visible. Thank you. 
We can do this if we work together. Imagine. 

In Light,
   ~Ben Carroll