One World

We are one. That is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. What does that mean? We are so different, how can we be one?

The illusion of the differences between us humans allows the whole illusion of time and space to hold together. Without the push and pull of the contrasting energies, this “reality,” this Earth space we live in, would just collapse into itself.

The only way for the One to experience itself as many is for the one to create illusory differences. But these “differences” must always add up to the whole. The whole is all there is, nothing more, nothing less...the differences between us add up to the whole.

Humanity must remember this. We must learn to embrace the differences with the understanding that those “Differences” are what allows us this illusion of time and space. Our differences are our greatest greatest achievement...for that is what makes us who we are. We have created a way for the one to experience itself (our self) as separate from our self.

The pushing and pulling of the differences in our world are really the harmony that holds the whole thing intricate crisscrossing of a single web of energy that encompasses the all.
Do not fight our differences. The difference you see in another person is being held by that person so that you can experience your own individuality. Your “differences” are wholly dependent upon the “difference” of others.

Learn to view differences with compassion. Understanding differences is how you understand the whole.

Love and freedom to all beings. We are one.