Happy New Year - v2.0

Happy New Year!

It feels like the new year has just begun for me. At the end of 2013 I had just released “Illuminated Heart,” my first ever solo acoustic album and I had the opportunity to play just 2 shows for that at the top of 2014. I didn't even get the chance to perform a proper release party for “Illuminated Heart” because I found myself in a place of having to shift gears into another mode, a mode from my past...and I felt like in doing so my “real life” had to be put on hold. 

I was getting ready for one last Ra adventure. That consumed my life for for the first part of this year. For me, being in that energetic space requires a completely different mindset than I currently prefer to exist in. But I decided to make my way back through that energetic space one last time, for closure, nostalgia...and mostly out of a sense of loyalty to Ra. It was worth it, the shows were amazing, and it was great to see all the amazing friends I've made over the years, all over the country, through my adventures with Ra. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to share that music with audiences one last time, and to say goodbye to that part of my life. 

Getting back out of that energetic space has taken longer than it took to get back into it, longer than I expected...but now I'm finally fully back home. I'm once again back to feeling fully balanced and fully centered, connected and feeling like I'm in the space that I'm supposed to be in. I am feeling refreshed and renewed...and it feels to me, like 2014 is just finally getting a chance to begin. 

I'm excited for this year, I know many amazing things are going to happen.

I've decided I really want to do an album release party for “Illuminated Heart.” I'm very proud of this album, I'd never before recorded music that was quite as stripped down and emotionally raw and honest as that was for me. I'm thinking late June, maybe the summer solstice. I'll have more details on that coming as soon as I have more to tell.  If you've got an idea for a good space to hold this celebration, please shoot me a message. (all ages, no alcohol sales...maybe outdoors...)

I'm also finally ready to start in on all of the other projects and adventures I've had planned for this year...more musical collaborations, possibly another album, definitely some meditation music, as well as my continued involvement with InnerSelfSustained, The Star Teaching Society, Spirit Science, Panic to Freedom, Spirit Kingdom...

I will be headed to Asheville, NC for the whole first week of June. We're extremely excited to visit what seems to be one of the spiritual centers in the US. And to see the mountains! 

I'm eternally grateful to have so many amazing and beautiful spirits in my life. Thank you all for making this life so vastly, unimaginatively fulfilling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So, Happy New Year! (Better late than never.) I share this highlight (one of may) of my life from 2013. 

2014 will be even more amazing.
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