I see you. We are the same light.

I see you. We are the same light. We are truly one, there is no hierarchy here. I accept myself as an equal and I accept everyone as my equal. We are the whole. The whole of all is within me as I am within the whole...as the whole of all is within you as you are within the whole. Every single part of me contains every part of the whole, as every part of the whole contains every single part of me...and the same for you, and for all in existence. We are fractals within a hologram, each part, no matter how small or large, contains the whole of the all. Please remember.

We are here holding this space open for each other so that we can experience the illusion of space as separate from ourselves and experience the differences and contrasts that the creation of this implied separation holds. But at root, inside & out, above & below, we hold the completeness of the whole within us, as the whole contains the completeness of us. Please remember.

Thank you for holding this space for me, with me. I am truly honored to hold this space for you, with you. The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you. I see you. We are the same light.