Move Forward


We are not trained to think, we are trained not to think. We are trained to accept what already exists and we are all forced to try and live within the unyielding sociological parameters we were born into, even when these parameters are unquestionable ridiculous in some instances. I think we find that something works once or twice, maybe even three we try to force as many things as we can into that structure because our minds are trained to be too lazy to think of things on a case to case basis. 

We need a flowing, evolving society where people are free to think creatively for each individual situation and for the constant betterment of each belief that we hold...about everything. We need to realize that the beliefs that we have about the nature and structure of our existence are just that, beliefs. Beliefs should be free to flow and change as more revolutionary and game changing beliefs and ideas come into being within the evolution of our collective consciousness and individual consciousness. Our reality needs to be seen as an evolution, not a pre-established set of unyielding parameters.

Currently we lump everything into unyielding, unquestionable categories and force all of our knowledge and beliefs to fit that mold. When a radical shift in awareness comes along, it is fought every inch of the way because it goes against the “established reality” that our beliefs have been built into like a stone foundation. We need to learn to embrace the flow of change. 

What stupid and backwards creatures we've allowed ourselves to become, us humans. What a great disservice on humanity this static, stagnant structure we force our children's minds into. We take the one great thing we have, the one amazing aspect of ourselves that sets us apart from other life forms on this planet and we train ourselves not to use that. 

Why? Why do we do this?