Revolution! In a world of nuclear bombs and guided missiles the true revolution, the only way to have an effective revolution is to have a revolution of consciousness. We can overthrow the monitory system, we can overthrow corruption in governments and corruption in corporations, by spreading non-violent revolution, internal change and self-realization is the key. If people can see the grid of their reality for what it is...a system of beliefs that can be changed in an instant with mass changing of the mind, shifting of consciousness, then people will see their true power. True power, true revolution is not a show of's a show of mass un-acceptance. Realize that all the lies and manipulation we've been subjected to is of our own choice...if we all disbelieve them, they go away. We can overcome this by deciding together that WE can overcome this. Lets decide that profit is no longer the highest state of worth on this planet. Is a world of planned obsolescence in products for profit a sustainable world? In the long run profit for the sake of profit alone is not profitable...all we do is burn through the resources of this planet...and make a select few people wealthy with this profit, while exploiting the majority of people to make the select few that profit. We currently are tricked into giving away this power. Change your mind and take the power back! It is that easy if enough people join together.

My revolution is a community of love and change...self-realization and shifting consciousness.