Being Open

Being Open.

Everyday I feel the connections strengthening and everyday it becomes easier to be more and more open. I'm starting see the energy that lies behind the words and the energy that lies behind the physical interactions. I feel the connection of energy behind the intent. People don't understand the amount of needless restrictions they put on themselves. I've begun to see the “filters” at work...or rather feel the “filters” at work. The change in my awareness and in my life is amazing! The world is truly becoming magical and the resonance I feel at times is overpowering. 

We greatly want that sense of ease that brings anxiety free connection with others. We also fear that...I don't know why. I understand that fear, I battle it everyday...but it is a battle worth waging...a new sense of freedom comes with feeling that connection.

As we become more present and more aware, the openness comes with greater ease. Sometimes I still don't know what to say, but I do feel the connection more and more. I'm trying to not feel the need to fill those empty spaces with empty words, but rather learn how to just be comfortable and let things flow. I feel positive energy welling up within me everyday. I feel things shifting...and as I move through this I try to be more and more comfortable in opening up....being present and being open. I see the positive effect that my opening up has on others...not just from the words...because sometimes I just really don't know what words to say, words at times seem inadequate, but the feeling of openness and connectedness is a feeling that resonates with others on a deeper level than language. It attracts more resonance to us. It attracts people and it attracts more positivity. I find more people being more comfortable around me...more conversations get started up...more chances for connection...more opportunities presenting themselves...more synchronicity's and “coincidences” in my life...and that helps me to be more and open. TY TY TY