Let Go of Your Chains


Sometimes it's when we are trying to shake free from the chains of our lives that we cling to them the most. We have to embrace the chains for the structure that they have given to our lives, and thank them for helping us to keep things together when we felt that these chains were all that could keep us together...and then, if it is time, we can just let them go. Do not struggle against your chains, simply let them go.
Embrace the chains that gave structure to our lives, acknowledge the good that they have brought to us and then let them go. These chains did us the service of bringing us to where we are now...to this point where we no longer need them.
These chains are not holding us down, we had grasped them as they were holding us up. Now, if they are no longer needed, all we need to do is just let them go.
We should love our chains for holding us up when otherwise we may have fallen. We should realize that they will never hold us back because it is us that is holding onto them. When we no longer need these chains to hold us up, all we have to do is let them go.