There are plenty of disgusting, gut wrenching practices going on in the world right now. Focusing on them and pouring all of our energy into them does not help to fight them, it only serves to make them stronger. We need to focus our energy on transcending this vibrational level where we try and serve our own greed and power by destroying for profit. It is not each specific disgusting practice that we need to fight...actually there is no fighting at all in what we have to do.. What we need to do is we need to raise our overall state of consciousness.

Right now we are a very primitive society on this planet...a very primitive civilization that has no grasp of how to work in harmony to create situations that serve to benefit all of us. This state of greed and power that is overwhelmingly accepted as “the way it is” by the masses only serves to keep us in the dark. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of fear. Only when we learn to overcome this state of fear as a worldwide civilization and move into a state of harmony and sustainability will we transcend this cycle of destruction. 

Our potential is so much greater than what we currently believe we are. Our potential as a worldwide civilization that lives in harmony is one where we can overcome space and time, overcome all of the dilemmas of humanity; poverty, hunger, homelessness, planetary destruction...by realizing that together we can take the next step. There is no separation. There is no power over another, there is only the power we have together. As a people WE put the power into these situations. If EVERYBODY rejected any situation, it would instantly crumble. WE are the true power of this civilization. 

Unfortunately where we are now, we spend all of our personal power working against each other, living in separation, trying to control each other, trying to have more than each other, trying to intimidate each other. It is really pathetic. In our current state of hierarchy the highest state for you to achieve is a state of wealth and power over others. Once you've accumulated tons of money, cars, houses, lands, what is left for us to do with that..? Exploit it to make more money and buy more things by using the power you have to exploit those with less than you, so you can get more money and things..to have more power..by exploiting more people...it is a disgusting cycle. 

The only evolution from within this cycle is your death. This system is a dead end. Once we realize the lowness of this cycle of exploitation of others to gain profit for the self and we start to work together...truly together...then we will slingshot forward with amazing ease into a much higher evolved state with technologies that are infinitely more powerful than what we have now...technologies that sustain and grow perpetually instead of destroy and exploit unsustainability for profit. 

All that stands between the end of the old system and the start of a new age is US. WE can make this change anytime that we want, but we have to do this together as a species. Stop worrying about the separations between your self and your neighbor...who has the bigger house or the nicer car will become irrelevant once we can no longer breathe the air or grow food because we've destroyed this planet in the personal pursuit of owning more things than others and having more power than others. There is no power to be had over others when the group of them is large enough and they reject that power. Our true power lies in the power we have together, working in harmony. Can you even imagine what a world where everybody works together in harmony would be like??? Try. That is the first step.