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My email list is gone! **If you've previously subscribed to my email list unfortunately you are no longer subscribed!**

For a limited time I've decided to offer 2 hours of powerful music as a bonus for signing up (again) ((or to sign up for the first time...))

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My email list has been a MESS for years, I've had sign-ups from the past 15+ years...and my life has changed A LOT in the past 15+ years. I've gone from being a Universal Recording artist playing rock music, to creating meditative journeying music and holding sound healing events. While trying to clean the list up it was accidentally DELETED! Oops. 🥶 So now I see an opportunity for some SERIOUS reorganization!

I've decided to offer some incentive to get you back on the list, or to join for the first time. I'm giving away 2 free downloads, over 2 hours of singing bowl music! Get 1 track for signing up, and a 2nd track for updating your profile information.

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