We rely on having adversaries to overcome for our growth

At our current level of consciousness we rely on having adversaries to overcome for our growth. It's part of the program that we are running; the hero's journey. The concept of separation, adversity, me and you, us versus them; that is a mindset that is part of this program of duality. We assimilate the construct of this program into our lives, as we are trained to do. "The struggle is real" because we believe it.

At the core of humanity, what do we want? What are we searching for? What are we searching for before these programs get ingrained into us? Reintegration with the all? Remembrance?

It's like Westworld, we are starting to remember in tiny increments and it's causing the whole world to come apart at the seams. These memories, this inner knowing, doesn't fit into the construct any longer.

If we are all fractals of the same consciousness, then are we all seeking the same thing? At the root of the program, is there one unifying goal? Is that goal reintegration through ascension?

Being fractals of unity does not make our individuality and our individual experiences any less valid, perhaps this makes our individual experiences even more valid.

Remember...All dissonance lies within...Kindness is the tuning fork to straighten out the path.

Be the light that you want to see in this world.