How can we hold a much greater amount of energy?


How can we hold a much greater amount of energy in our energetic field and in our physical body so that we have much more energy to work with?

You must be open to it. The energy is literally all around you and inside of every single part of you. The ability to work with greater amounts of energy in one sitting is something that you have to allow. If you are functioning from within belief systems that sap you of your energy, and then are trying to build up your energy, that is a problem.

There are currently many energy drains built into the systems of your society. You have been held in a space of limited connection and limited energy flow for many years. This could not happen without you having given permission on some level, so you can take those permissions back. In order to do so you have to reprogram yourself with new ways of functioning within your timespace.

Changing your belief systems is the easiest way to start. Humanity is undergoing a vast process of doing exactly this right now. People are becoming more aware of the energetic functioning within their within physicality as well as their energetic existence. As you start to hold beliefs that work with the energies, the energies will become more available to you, and your awareness of them will become greater. You must first take yourself out of some of the programming you are functioning within to achieve this.

Pay attention to your emotions. What makes you feel opened up? What makes you feel closed down? If you are receiving a program from your television that makes you feel frustration, anger, sadness, violent; this is not a program that is opening your energetic flow, rather it's a constriction of your energetic flow. If you are receiving an entertainment or information that is making you feel excited about possibilities and is an inspiration for movement in new directions towards new knowledge or new adventures, this is an opening flow. If you wish to be open to flowing with more energy within your physicality, you must start being as vigilant about what you are absorbing as you can be. In your societies current times it will be impossible to avoid all programming that is constricting to your energetic flow, but that is okay. You can still find balance by surrounding yourself with as much of what opens your energetic flow as you can. And most important, just be aware of if your activities are opening you up or closing you down.

As what you are receiving and welcoming into your energetic field becomes more conducive to flow, you will start to function with more flow, and as you function with more flow, you will start to attract more of those things which are more conducive to your greater flow. So just be aware and when there is a choice between that which will put your energy flow in a constrictive state, or that which will put your energy flow in an expansive state, choose the option of expansion as often as you can.

As you start absorbing more expansive programming your belief systems will also shift to reflect this as well. Greater flow, means greater awareness, means naturally shifting belief systems because you are in greater awareness. This state of becoming more and more open and aware will also give you a greater perception into this energetic world. As your perception starts to open up to this greater energetic state, that allows you to begin to understand these energies, how to work with them, and how to allow them to work through you.

When you take this information and couple it with the information about tuning yourself to the geometric informational structures that are becoming more and more available to you at this time through the shifting of photonic resonance, which is the shifting of the density of your sun and therefore also the shifting of the energy your sun emits, as your sun is also greatly affected by the new energies coming into your solar system at this time, then you have a recipe for great expansion of awareness and shifting of belief systems.
(Click Here for more info on turning yourself to the geometric informational structures)

Many of you are awakening to very exciting times where a much greater level of connection to elements beyond the physical are becoming more and more available and much easier to access. It is the most exciting time to be incarnated on your planet as possibilities of massive shifting become more readily available to each of you individually and therefore to all of you collectively.

So find that which excites you and expands your energetic flow, align yourself with that as much as you can, and bring that to others. Your greater levels of excitement and expanding energetic flow in turn entrains others to greater levels of excitement and expanding energetic flow...which in turn creates more excitement and more energetic flow within an endless up cycling. Humanity coming together to create energetic flow together is an amplifier, amplifying energetic flow and shifting resonance through that amplification.

Continue this exploration, continue cycling up, and you will begin to hold much greater amounts of energetic flow on all levels. You will be continually moving forward, continually cycling up, continually inspiring those around you, and in turn continually deepening your own inspiration.

When you come together in this energetic shift, you put the shifting on the fast track. You are the ones that you've been waiting for. Choose the experience of greater energetic flow, it is a choice