You are infinite.

Our existence, our 'reality' here on this planet is changing, shifting, becoming less dense. 
Everything has changed, and is now changing further, faster. 
Let loose all of the programs that bind you, all of the fear, all of the judgments...greed, jealousy, mistrust, inadequacy, shame...all of it.
You are perfect. In this moment you are perfect. 
This moment of perfection is all that there is.
The past is just a program that holds you where you perceive yourself to be. What programs are you holding? What triggers you? What triggers judgment or fear or greed...? Those are signals and signposts of the programs within you to be released. At this 'time', within these changes, releasing these programs is getting easier & easier as our vibration increases and our deeper awareness expands.
Embrace openness, love, connection...
Forgive all...because there is nothing to forgive.
Let go of judgment and the fear of being judged.
Let go of the fear of failure. 
You are infinite.