Listen to your intuition.

Listen to your intuition.
Let go of the culturally imposed structures you've been surrounded by. Be grateful for your freedom, your openness, your connection, and the understanding of that connection that you are starting to have. Be grateful for the wealth of your spirit.
Move into that higher vibration and all will come together. Release the fear and that movement of release will carry you. Do not allow the programs of your culturally trained ego to hold you in a lower vibratory field.
Programs of jealousy, greed, rage, judgment of differences, worry of inadequacy, anxiety, fear of connection, fear of not doing enough, fear of doing/saying too much, fear of not having enough...are all antiquated vestiges of a time now passed. It's time to let those go...release those programs and move into the higher realms of vibration. 
Accept yourself. Love yourself. Realize that everything that you see in this world is a reflection of what you are holding inside of you. There is no such thing as a victim...take responsibility...learn how to create the world you want by releasing the world that you don't want. 
These programs have already served you in all that they grateful. Respect what you've learned from these programs, but move on.