Which Mind Do You Feed?


The ego is the part of the mind that is filtered through the physical incarnate. It gets trained by what you put into it. When it's been programmed that you don't have enough, it judges situations and it tries to protect you by reaching for more and fearing to lose what you have. Do not let the ego judge, it must realize that judging is not it's job. 
The higher mind is your connection to the deeper consciousness. This mind knows that you are creating this current experience. It knows no fear, it knows no doubt. It is consciousness everlasting. 
Learn to let both work together...both can work together.
Which mind do you feed?
Which mind is good for what? The ego mind is good for deciding what you should have in your life. The higher mind is good for bringing that to you. Do not let the ego mind place judgments on that which it decides to want. The judgments bring warped truths about that which it wants...which creates fear. And fear ends up pushing away that which you wanted. 
If we get rid of judgment and fear we will free a lot more than just our minds.