Visualize Healing

10-24-13 sandsoftime2.jpg

There has been a lot of talk about the coming of a new paradigm...but, where is it? How do we get there? Well, the only way to truly move this world into a new paradigm is to do so collectively, we must work together, that is where our true power lies. More and more people are waking up to deeper spiritual self-realizations at this time, if we can all start facing the same direction, or a similar direction, together we have the power move this world to change. If we can all start to project ourselves more consistently from a space of kindness and compassion we can move people into resonance with that energy. To change, and to bring this want for change into a more unified front, we must be able to be together, work together and heal together. Today, bring kindness and compassion into your heart...then share that energy with someone.

Here is an exercise to visualize doing just that. If this calls to you, try it every day for the next week, see if you notice any changes in the way you move through your day. See if you can affect your whole day by starting it with just 5-10 minutes of focused intent.

Put your hands out in front of you. Place palms together and apply a slight pressure. Begin rubbing your palms together back and forth. Keep this up for at least 30 seconds, feel the energy building. Visualize this energy glowing a beautiful shade of healing blue. Now, place your hands onto your heart center and visualize the blue light of healing energy flowing inwards, flowing freely from your deep connection to the infinite energy of the whole universe. Hold this energy flow in your heart center and see it grow stronger and brighter. When your heart is full, feel this energy start to spread out from your heart center through your whole body, down your legs, through your feet, up your neck, through your crown, down your arms, through your hands, shifting your whole energy field into this same shade of healing blue. Feel this healing energy filling in all the spaces within you, tuning your energy field to the frequency of connected compassion. Know that in tuning your own energy, you effect the energy of those around you, so focus this energy towards the warmth of compassion and kindness. Feel this energy and it's intent towards compassion shifting your subconscious focus away from the ingrained feeling of solitude, growing and healing the connection to others inside of you. Feel that underneath your perceived separation, there is a deep interconnection between yourself and all others, let this blue light flow warmth strength into that connection. When you take your hands away, hold this energy within you and carry it with you throughout your day. Share this blue light of healing with others through your intents and your actions by continuing to move outward into your day with the intent of compassion and kindness. Know that in freely giving away this light to others you are not diminishing your own light, but instead see that each time you pass your light out to another, your own light grows stronger, brighter and more plentiful. Be the light you want to see in this world.