The Lever


Imagine inside yourself that there is a lever. This lever represents your path to abundance. All of your dreams, wants and needs are attached to this lever. For years you've been pushing at this lever, pushing it down with all of your might, trying to get the things in the world that you desperately need to survive, need to thrive. It is ceaseless work because every time that you lose focus, for even a second, the lever starts to slip back. Without constant attention this lever rises against the struggle that is needed to overcome it.

Now think of this. What if... What if all of the time that you have been wishing and dreaming, wanting and screaming, all of this time that you have been struggling to hold this lever down, just to try and get by, just to struggle through this world, just to keep your head above water...what if you have been holding this lever in the off position? What if all you ever needed to do was just let go?

Let go. Trust. Let go of the lever and see that as soon as you let go the lever starts to rise. It slides gracefully up with a natural ease without your constant struggle to hold it down. Don't give into the fears and worries that come with letting go, don't worry that you are dashing all of the years of your hard work, all of the struggle you've gone through to get where you are today, a lifetime of pushing. Don't worry. Trust and let go. 

Feel how it feels inside to let go of your constant, relentless push against this lever. How does it feel to let go of your constant struggles to get what is rightfully yours out of this world? How does it feel to let go of that push that you've been pushing and pushing with all of your might, to just try and force yourself into what is rightfully yours? How does it feel to let go of the worries and the fears of just letting go? 

Relief. Sweet relief. Feel the liberation. Loosen your grip and feel that rising lever, set it free to rise without your struggle. Take a step back and see the tight space you've been in give way to the view of the tight corner that you've got your self crammed into. Take another step back and feel the relief of liberation. Breathe. All this time you've been in this dark corner facing your lever, struggling to hold on to what you have and struggling even harder to push it down even further to get the things that you want so badly, the things that you need to survive and thrive in this world, without ever the chance to step back and see where it is you are and what you are actually focused upon. Breathe. Now that you have let go, you no longer have to spend every waking moment standing in that tight corner pushing that lever. It's now rising against all of your past efforts, but that the rising is ok. Trust that letting go is ok. Breathe. You don't need to be in this dark corner anymore, hiding yourself away, holding the lever, you've let go. No worry. No fear. Relief. Breathe and let go. 

Now turn around.

Realize the truth. When you turn around you see the brightest light, the vastest scenery, the most beautiful world you can imagine. Without the constant struggle of always having to push against the lever, you are now able to truly see what is around you...see the beauty of it all, everything...and it's connection to you. You are deeply, deeply connected to all there is. Realize. You don't need to struggle to bring in from outside of you what you already have within. Now see all the people that are right there with you, they are level to you, connected with you, a part of everything that you are part of. When you let go, no one is above you or below you, everyone is just with you...equally. Realize...that everything is coming from within us all, there is no reason to put someone above or below you, they are only ever with you. There is no hierarchy here, facing the light. Realize you are connected to this light in the same way that everyone else is connected to this light, equally, fully, with nothing to block you, nothing to hold you back (except yourself,) no corner to force yourself into, nothing to separate your dreams from your reality, nothing to threaten your survival. Realize you are free to thrive.

Now that you've let go, turned around and found the light of your connection, you realize that trying to push the lever, trying to force yourself to get what you need from the outside only blocks the flow of your abundance. When you realize that all that you need can arise from within you, you are free. Realize that the secret to abundance really is in letting go. Let go and trust yourself. Trust in the universe that you are so deeply connected to. Trust that you have the power to call to you whatever you need from the light of your connection. Remember that pushing the lever to squeeze and force yourself into where you want to be only cuts yourself off from yourself...and forces you out of the flow of your natural state of absolute connection and abundance. Let go and be free.

Now look around some more. See all of our equals, all of our brothers and sisters, lost in the illusion of lack and fear, while standing in a dark corner pushing down their lever, struggling to squeeze what they need to survive out of the world around them instead of looking within. We must call to them. Turn around! Connect with us! Let go. Learn how to trust in yourself. Turn around and see yourself for who you truly are...see yourself...and see me...and see everyone. We are here, we are equal and we can create the exact world we want to create, a world of beautiful peace and abundance...if we can trust ourselves and believe in ourselves enough to let go...together. 

Be free. Together.