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Close your eyes. Think about someone, whoever comes to mind first. What are you thinking about? Memories of that person? Or a mental image of the appearance of that person? Do you love this person? Are you frustrated with this person? Realize that those thoughts are not that person. Those thoughts are your ego's expression of that person...or rather, your ego's judgments on the “I” that that person's ego is projecting. Instead of thinking of this person in terms of memories and imaginings, intuitively feel the energy of this person, not the form and shape of their body, but see this person as they would be in the true present moment, not in your projected and imagined thoughts of their projected and imagined thoughts, but see them as they truly are. Become aware of this person as energetic light, see that it is light that lies at the core of their being. “The light in me sees the light in you.”