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Sound Healing,Breathwork, and Plant Journey Collab with Ben Carroll and Tiffa Do

The sound of our breath. The breath in all sound. The breath of the plants, their exhale filing our inhale. The messages communicated in this breath. Where do they lead us, what can they teach us about them, about our inner natures, about this planet?

Ben Carroll, a special guest musician and healer is back again for this collaboration! Ben will be guided by spirit and the plants to create a deep and moving Sound Healing with crystal SINGING BOWLS and other instruments.

Tiffa will be opening the space with the introduction of a very special herbal PLANT to work with and sharing some powerful BREATHWORK that comes from the Amazonian peoples. Ben will then help us journey more deeply into that plant with sound.

After this indoor work, we will step outside onto this beautiful land Tiffa caretakes to go deeper into our meditative space to be more present and learn from the earth that is supporting us during our inner processes. The veil is thinner at sunset and we will have the time to look for our own messages that nature is sharing with us, while in full meditative state. This will be a silent walk and still meditation. (Please bring warm clothes and snow pants and things! :) )

We will come back inside after about a half hour and have time to journal and share any insights or revelations outloud to further integrate the work into this middle realm... The one where we make big changes in the world.. ;)

This is also during the New Moon time, so the time to go inward and learn to trust our internal wisdoms is more potent for us to work with.
The last time we did this, people reported tremedous healing and awakenings. And a lot of fun! :)

I will make soup and feel free to bring any other food to share for some silly merrymaking after all the meditations.

Suggested energetic exchange: $20-40
Please register early, space is limited!

Later Event: March 4
Vibrational Tea with Ben Carroll