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Nova TEA in the BioDome - Waynesville, NC

On October 3 we are planning a Nova TEA at the BioDome in Waynesville, North Carolina.

This is certain to be a magical day.

Star Teachings are the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the functioning of the universe. Star Teachings Society's Mission is to cultivate, nurture and foster community in order to spread kindness and compassion and share knowledge and technology from ancient wisdom known as Star Teachings.

Star Teachings are the vibration of the human mind and spirit together and
have nothing to do with a religious culture. Star Teachings are simple
lessons that help us create a world in which we allow kindness to guide our
actions. Kindness is the language everyone can understand. As we turn “me” into “we”, we nurture peace within our Selves, our families, our
communities, and our planet.

315 biodome Dr. Waynesville, NC