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Vibrational Tea with Ben Carroll

10 Old Mill Road Falmouth ME
Please park at Skillins!
Consider buying a small item from Skillins as a token of gratitude.

Please join us with Ben Carroll as we explore our capacity for frequency and resonance as a community through discussion.

The Star Teachings have many times been described as something that requires a raising of vibration to increase understanding. A lot of the speaks and important events are held on, or near, the full moon to utilize the vibrational boost offered at that timing. The importance of this is agreed upon, but how much of this is actually understood? Can we raise our own vibration? Can we raise our collective vibration by working together? And what does that mean? 

Lets explore our frequency and our tonal resonance through discussion and chanting/toning...specifically with a form of toning called Bees Breath that has been taught to us by David Lonebear Sanipass.