We Have A Dream


We have a dream. We have a reason that we are here at this time, in this place. We have a dream, do you remember this dream? We have a dream of peace and interconnectedness on Earth. We have a dream of uniting our similarities and embracing our differences. We have a dream of a shared world where the currency is kindness and the banks give that freely to all in need. We have a dream of igniting the fire within to shine our true light upon the whole world, in all it's vastness, so that we may all awaken at this time and carry our direction towards the one that flows together. Can you remember this dream? Can you remember through your sleepy haze and foggy eyes, can you remember how we agreed to meet here, now, to deliver this reminder to ourselves? Can you remember to remember? Can we slowly start to awaken as a whole? Can we Imagine all the people living life as one? Can we carry this dream to the forefront to shine it upon the veil of separation, showing the translucence between the here and the there, the connection of frequency, sound and light? Can we truly unite? I hope today you will join us, and the world will live as one.