Everything has been pre-defined, categorized, structured into nice tight little pre-packaged systems of definition that you are not supposed to question within society. Economics, education, religion, all of these and more, are designed to train you to think of yourself as separate from everyone else. Unfortunately the basis for all these thought systems is an assumption that consciousness is created out of matter....but the truth is that matter comes from consciousness. This changes everything. Your reality (The reality you have been taught) is untrue. It's an archaic system designed for survival in a world that has been dis-proven, a world that no longer exists.

Look outside and embrace those systems and you are enslaved. Look inside and and you are free.
If your eyes are open, then you are looking for answers in the wrong direction.


Doctors are controlled by big pharmaceutical co's. It's not about health, it's not about curing you...It's about money. There is no sustainable profit in cures.

The Federal Reserve loans you imaginary money called credit...credit is money that never existed and represents nothing...they charge you interest on it...and take away all of your things (car, house) if you don't pay them back. This sounds more like a system of slavery than a system of worth.

Media – Corporations own the major sources of information and news, they have people to tell you everything these corporations want you to think and know and call it the news. Breeding fear...fearing not surviving...to keep you distracted and easily controlled.

Who are we?
We are consciousness

What is reality?
Reality is an illusion...an illusion of physicality, an illusion of solidity...where we interact within a frequency. We are a consciousness experiencing this reality through a funnel or a filter of sorts. We have been trapped into thinking that this is the totality of who we are...but we are so much more (then that)...so much more.