The kindness revolution

In overcoming the resonance of fear that many are dwelling in and manipulated into, forgiveness is a key factor. To overcome this resonance we must not fight or hold animosity...kindness, compassion, and forgiveness are key factors. If we can learn to hold the resonance of kindness and compassion we can shift this world. Forgiveness is a key element in finding our way to being able to stay in the resonance of kindness and compassion.

Forgiveness is key in releasing that which does not serve you.
Forgive yourself for not upholding in the past. Right now you are where you need to be to get where you are going. Respect what the present moment offers.

Forgive others for any transgressions you feel have been done to you against your will. We all make mistakes and we all aspire to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Whatever that looks like to each individual is generally a product of a combination of things, including cultural influence and sociological influence, and sometimes downright manipulation by a system that may not hold that persons (or your) best interests. Our logical minds are all a product of the influence of the world we live in and the experiences we've had. But we have free will and the choice to rise above.

Forgive the ones that are manipulating the world into fear and other out of tune resonances that do not serve us. We cannot overcome and defeat these resonances by holding anger, animosity, fear, or any other resonances that align with the resonances that you are struggling against to begin with. All that serves to do is to strengthen the manipulated resonances and worse, make those resonances stronger and more powerful, which will strengthen it's power of entrainment...which will bring more people deeper into that negative resonance. The only way to truly let that go is to forgive.

Experiencing something “negative” usually serves to greatly strengthen that which we hold as the inverse, “positive,” in the long run. There are no “positive” or “negative” only your judgments upon a situation. To experience that which you deem as “positive” you must hold yourself in alignment with that resonance, to hold anything else only serves to move you away from what you want.

Moving into truly holding the resonance of kindness and compassion requires forgiveness...of yourself and others.

Looking around this country and the world we can definitely see a division. How deeply we allow ourselves to be divided and how much this division affects us is a choice. It's a choice that we make in every second of every day by the thoughts that we hold which turn into the actions that we act upon. Do your best to hold positive, loving thoughts and act outwards in kindness and compassion. Forgive all that came before, for all that came before only serves to bring you where you are now.

This is what our revolution looks like. This is how we change this world. The kindness revolution.