The Inspiration of a Smile


I think that it's important to really learn how to be open at this time. I believe that being open is a huge part of "taking the next step"... Most people seem so focused outside of themselves and closed down at the same time...a perpetual loop of materialism and anxiety. I'm guilty of this too. I see people focus on their things and completely ignore other people. As I walk around Portland, or wherever, I try to make eye contact with people to offer them a smile, if I can get them to look at me in return...but so many people seem so afraid to even look at anyone else. It's sad...or maybe I'm just scary..haha! Hopefully one day a smile won't be so threatening. 

We need to inspire people to awaken. We need to inspire people to look within for comfort. We need to inspire people to realize that the anxiety isn't going to just go away if we continue to focus on our little screens instead of seeing the people around us. We need to inspire people to open up and see the absolute beauty of the world around's only beautiful when we decide that it is. We can inspire by doing this ourselves. Being open is scary...but that is ok. Lets just be scared together. 

This world needs to find a way to get to the point where when we see others we honestly feel meaning of Namaste, a word I rarely use, but love the meaning of:
The spirit in me honors the spirit in you. 
The teacher in me acknowledges the teacher in you.
The light in me sees the light in you.