Let's celebrate true independence by coming together to work towards creating true independence for all

Although it may seem like a coming together collectively would be a dissolution of the self, it's in fact quite the opposite. Coming together in groups with like minded people holding like minded intention triggers an energetic activation within each of us. When we harness the energy of a group we unlock and amplify the potential in the self.

What we have now within our social institutions is actually a robbing away of self power that is being sold to us as individualism. Our capitalism is actually a suppression of the self through a controlled perception of scarcity and a vastly manipulated sense materialistic need designed to pit ourselves against each other, which in turn actually robs us of our true powers of self. There is no individualism without the power of the activated self, and there is no activation of self without coming together in amplification of our energetic connection to this world and this universe. It's time to activate the people, it's time to activate ourselves.

There can be no peace on this planet while we have the vast majority of the people being stripped of their own powers so they can be used in service under the power of another. It's time to wake up. Awaken the power of the self. The energy we seek comes from self empowered individuals coming together, joining energy as a group, activating themselves, activating each other. We are the ones that we have been waiting for.

On this day of independence, let's celebrate true independence by coming together to work towards creating that true independence for all. Happy 4th of July.