Capitalism is outdated

Capitalism is outdated.

The 20th century version of capitalism has us pit against each other. In this mindset, human lives are profited from and potentially forfeited if that life is not cost effective, or not generating significant profit. It's time for a new model, it's time to redefine how we structure our society. It's time that we collectively moved into the 21st century. It's past due for a new model...we must redefine our way of life for this 21st century.

The old model only holds us back. When what we see are corporations that are classified as “people” functioning with the sole purpose to profit off of people, we must realize that mindset is choking the life out of humanity. Without change, the amazing capabilities of our ever expanding technologies will only fall short, or just be manipulated for the purpose of war. When we humans are pit against each other instead of working together, we are only able to access an infinitesimally small part of our true power. The profit mindset actually strips us of our true powers.

Why are so many people starving on this planet when there is more than enough food to go around? Feeding the hungry is not profitable. Why are there so many vacant homes when there are so many homeless people? Basic comfortable living for all is not profitable. Why are so many people incarcerated in the US? Freedom does not seem to be profitable any longer in the land of the free.

Where is the profit without scarcity and the “have not's” that are forced to live in that scarcity? Where is the profit in a society of healthy, well fed, sheltered & clothed people...with the time on their hands to contemplate their humanity and the advancement of this planet beyond greed?

This model of capitalism that we are living within has become quite outdated. We have enough food to feed the world. We have the means for every person to comfortably thrive on this planet (and eventually beyond.) We are reaching a level of technology that will allow us much more freedom...but that freedom comes at a cost, we must throw off the chains of 20th century capitalism. It's time to move on and live up to humanity's true potential. But first we must remember what it actually is to be human. With that, we can step into greatness...working together.

But we need YOU.

Help us remember what it means to be human. Be a Guidepost of Light.