Break the Cycle ~ Citizens of Earth Episode 4

Citizens of Earth!

Once we realize that we are creating our own reality within this multidimensional Universe, then we will realize that loving ourselves means that we are loving the whole world and all of existence in it's entirety. All of the people, all of the structures, all of the control patterns, the good and the bad...all originates from within us. Love yourself first, and then realize that you can shape your world to be anything that you want. It's up to you.

How can we find our way to live from within this space 100% of the time? How do we let go of all of the programs that lead us to believe in the separation of ourselves from all else? How can we actively create the exact world that we want to live in?

It starts with the understanding of our definitions. Thinking in terms of definitions collapses the potentials in our reality. The mind is trained to think in terms of definitions, and then to categorize those definitions to apply and insert into almost every situation in our day to day lives. Therefore in a normal day to day mindset, we are not experiencing our world as it actually is in our present moment, we are accessing a predetermined definition of what a thing is, or a who person is, or how a situation is...all defined within our minds as each new situation gets judged and inserted into a categorically predefined situation pulled from the programming of our past. These definitions are a judgment that takes away from our ability to actively take part in the creation our present moment.

All of time & space & physical reality are formed through vibration created by the collapse of infinite potential. Your piece of the universe, which to you IS your full created by the programs you hold, the actions that you take, and the beliefs that you are working with. Take a step back and observe how the world that you live in is created by these programs, which are ultimately created by you. Whether it's a conscious creation that you are aware of, or whether you are running a program of being a victim within the world that you live in...the truth is that it is all arising from within you. You are the creator of your world.

It is possible for us each to create our world from a space of consciousness & awareness... But first we have to accept that all of the good & bad, all of the things we feel we control & all of the things that we feel that are out of our control are actually arising from within us. They are a reflection of the definitions, judgments & programs that we are running.

When you are running a program that goes against the things you may want in your world, like when working with a program of lack or fear, you are designing your experiences to go against the things that you say you want. This is where the illusion of being victimized arises from within. These programs give you the illusion of lack of control in a situation...but that lack of control is still under your control, you've just been entrained into beliefs that allow you to create those situations that make you feel as though they are out of your control.

How do we release those programs? How do we set ourselves free from a lifetime of programming?

Presence. Start being present in your life. Start catching your disempowering thoughts, which are arising from the disempowering programs running below the surface within you. The situations that make you feel & believe that you are not in control are the guide posts that will show you the way to uncovering the programs that you are running. But do not struggle & fight against these programs, be grateful for their guidance, as your awareness of them will show you the root beliefs these situations are arising out of. Practice self love in all things and try not to act on or into any situation that is 'disempowering' but see it as an opportunity to change direction.

To be effective in this you must remain conscious in your day to day life. You must be present. Running on autopilot will only perpetuate the programs that you are currently working with...which will continue to reflect those situations right back to you. Autopilot is nothing more than an feedback loop that will hold you exactly where you already are.

Break the cycle. Be aware and present in your life. Practice meditation. Learn new things. Go new places. Don't take the same path home every time you go out. Go out of your way to be kind to others! Because the truth is, although you may be creating your world, you are NOT creating the people in the world around you, but you ARE calling in the version of that person 'dwelling' within the frequency bandwidth which you are experiencing, that aspect is being tuned in by you within this multidimensional existence. Realize that how you see that person, and how you react to that person, and how you treat that person is a reflection of how you see and how you react and how you treat yourself.

As an example; If you see a person begging for food on the street and do nothing...if you just allow another to go hungry...why is it that you are doing that? That is a decision that is probably arising out of a fear program within you. The program that tells you to ignore that other persons need is probably arising out of the fear of experiencing lack for yourself, the fear of going hungry yourself, or the fear of not having enough to thrive in this world. Not helping that person as a reflection of a fear program of lack also creates the oppressor that the perception of lack is coming from.

Why is it that you are are afraid that you won't have enough?

It is because of the perception of someone else having control, and the perception of those in control not allowing you to have what you need to survive and thrive. In truth that perception of control is only an illusionary control that you have given away so that you can continue to run your fear program of lack. IT IS A FEEDBACK LOOP.

The only way to break the cycle is to step outside of that loop. React in a different way to the other person in need and you will start to release that need from within yourself, your programming will start to rework itself

It takes courage to act out against our fears and our perceived do we find the courage to change?

You can start as small as you are comfortable starting. If you feel that you cannot release that fear all at once (which you could!) then start with smaller pieces. Acts of Kindness. Any time you find yourself in a situation that is difficult for you, act out in the kindest way that is possible for you in that moment, within that particular situation.

But you must be present in that moment to see that situation as an opportunity to shift. If you are not present in that moment, not present in that situation, then you will just run the same autopilot program, which will only serve to perpetuate the same feedback loop you already find yourself within.

Break the cycle! Realize that the other person is acting as your own reflection.  

Realize it's all within you! ...and there is nothing to fear! (except fear itself...)

Break the cycle! Be Present.


(Ho'hoponno'hoplnno - I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.)