Be present. Be aware.

Be present. Be aware. Allow your experiences to become direct experiences. Don't slip into the trap of experiencing by filtering the present moment through definitions within the mind. When you experience things, don't just experience the definition your mind holds for those things as if the definition is the experience you are having....experience things as they ARE. Be aware of things as they are presented to you as if it is your first experience of them, every time....because it is. Although your memory may present similar experiences, you've actually never had the experience that you are having right now at this exact moment.

When you hear things, notice how the sound travels through your whole body affecting you, harmonizing with your own internal vibrations...sometimes creating resonance in the merging vibrations, sometimes creating dissonance in the merging vibrations. Is this creating resonance or dissonance within you? When you eat something, don't just think “I'm eating pizza,” but remember to fully experience the taste. Feel how the food in your mouth affects your taste buds and feel how your body reacts to the food. Is this creating resonance or dissonance within you? When feeling something feel how it affects your body, mind & soul. Be aware of how you are allowing the feeling to flow, or where you are blocking it. Is this creating resonance or dissonance within you? When seeing something, don't just see the definition, “This is a leaf” but see the texture, the lines, the life force within. Notice how you react to seeing this and noticing it's depth of intricacies. Is this creating resonance or dissonance within you?

Be present. Be aware. Recognize if your current experience is creating resonance within you, or creating dissonance within you...and interact with the experience you are having now...don't just react by inserting a past memory or pre-learned definition. Memories and definitions are actually just a shadow in your mind's eye, not the present moment experience itself. Life is beautiful!! ...if you remember to experience it.

Enjoy this day!