Tuning for the Body, Mind & Soul

Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll

Private sessions are your opportunity to dive in deep with this sound work, and they are available in your own private space. Each personalized private session generally starts with a cup of tea and a conversation about where you are currently at in your personal journey and what you are looking to work on while utilizing this amazing sound work. Following the conversation and intention setting we will delve in deep with the sound work, in which Ben utilizes voice, quartz crystal singing bowls, solfeggio tubes, drums, tuning forks, toning/chanting, and various other sound tools to guide the participant to states of consciousness where much healing and releasing can occur.

It's important to add that healing is a two way street. Unless the participant takes an active role in their recovery, it is difficult for them to become healed. A person's willingness to participate and set the intentions in their own recovery is always the most important aspect in turning things around. That being said, with the right approach, sound can be an amazing tool in the healing process.

  • Private Sound Healing Journeywork sessions at your home or personal studio start at $300 per session, with an additional travel cost of $50 per hour of car travel. (Special arrangements for longer distance travel can certainly be made as well.)

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What does this sound work entail?

Sound allows us to calm our minds and turn inwards with a potency that, for many, no other medium seems to have. This internal depth allows us access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and allows for access to different aspects of ourselves that are less bound by the beliefs that we've formed. When we can get past the part of our mind where our beliefs about this world form our experience of this world, we access other parts of ourselves that are unbound by these belief systems.

We are each powerful creators. In the right state of mind, we each have the ability to take away our own pain, to reduce our stress levels, to heal ourselves physically and emotionally, to intuitively access information about ourselves and the world, to journey to other realms, and countless other extra-ordinary benefits. Sound is a vehicle that has been used for accessing these non-ordinary states of consciousness by many peoples for many millennia.

In my work I currently use mostly voice and crystal singing bowls to create the sound to journey with. The bowls are played as a drone to accompany my voice. (More on drones here.) Working with a drone helps to 'soften the mind' so to say, to release yourself from your ordinary active mind state. The other important sonic aspect of these sound journeys is voice. What I've found is that I can use my voice to feel energetic blocks and to move stuck energy back into a state of flow. I'm aware that is a bit vague, it's difficult to explain exactly how this works, or how this feels from my own perspective, let alone yours. I've studied reiki for a while, the use of my voice in this sound work (to me) seems similar to reiki, but this work with sound is a far more potent medium for me in my own practice.

I greatly enjoy working with individuals because in a personal situation we are able to delve deep and really focus in on where the effects of this work will be most beneficial. The ability to sit together, one on one, makes for a much more personalized session. This individual attention can help to foster a high level of comfort which can help greatly to really get down past all the blocks in consciousness from our day to day lives to make great personal discoveries and huge breakthroughs. Soundwork can be quite a powerful experience. 

Everyone's experience is different in this work. There is no right or wrong experience that you can have. Some people experience amazing visions, some people experience deep cathartic release and a lot of tears, some people experience visitations from passed loved ones, some people experience lost time and Satchidananda...pure bliss consciousness, while others experience nothing more than a pleasant and relaxing meditation.

One thing is for sure, no two of these sessions are ever the same, I'm always surprised by what comes up. Experiencing this for yourself is the only way to find out what it will be for you.

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Available for 1 or 2 people in Ben's home studio, or see about inviting Ben into your home or private studio.

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