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Tea with Ben Carroll

Lets continue building the conversation:

We are going to continue our conversation on Frequency and Resonance and definitely get into doing toning later. What we have been doing collectively and individually with the Bee's Breathe (toning) is raising our frequencies...because, to further our understanding of The Star Teachings it seems that we are required to hold a higher resonant frequency. We must not just practice kindness and compassion, but somehow hold the frequency of Kindness, and the frequency of Compassion.

WHAT is the frequency of Kindness?
WHAT is the frequency of Compassion?.

Also, I believe that it's past due for the concept of time and space to be brought into this conversation. David has brought up many things, that in order for us to even move into conversation about, we must be willing to set aside what we've been taught (time & space being immovable linear and lateral objects) and we must allow ourselves the mental freedom to warp our perception of time & space and see what sense we can make of this information from new and different perspectives.

David told us at the July 2nd tea - A large part of what we've been working towards right now with the toning is to connect to that temple as it exists in our future...which feels a bit weird to say...but I think we are going to need to get comfortable thinking in terms of the concept of time and space inter-dimensionally, and the frequencies and vibrational resonances of times and places as being their determining factors, not thinking in terms of specific linear or lateral placement. David made it a point several times to mention connecting with the temple, specifically to set the intention of the Bee's Breath towards that connection.

How do we wrap our head around thinking of time and space as frequencies as opposed to linear and lateral events?