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Tea: Vibration and Frequency and a Joyful Noise

Tonight I'd like to continue our conversation on Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Resonance, and how our understanding of the Star Teachings seems to be dependent on increasing our understanding of these concepts. We've also talked about re-evaluating our understating of Time & Space and we've taken into consideration the fact that Frequency & Vibration may be the determining factors of Time & Space, NOT the linear & lateral measurements that we've been taught. We will also most definitely work with Bee's Breath tonight!

First, I'd like to recap what we have talked about in these Vibrational TEA's so far:

We've come to the speculative conclusion that a greater understanding of the Star Teachings would be vibrationally dependent. Which means: Our understating of the Star Teachings is dependent upon the level of vibrational resonance (frequency?) that we can hold within ourselves and as a community. Holding the vibrational resonance of Kindness & Compassion seems to be the energetic gateway, (as in the baseline frequencies required,) that we need to hold in order to move towards a deeper understand of the Star Teachings and the baseline frequencies required for us to actually work with the Star Teachings as a technology.

Re-evaluating our concept of Time & Space: In order for us to practice, or even talk about, some of the “suggestions” that David has presented to us, we must re-evaluate our concept of Time & Space. It's time that we allow ourselves the mental freedom to warp our perception of time & space and see what sense we can make of this information from new and different perspectives. We've talked about how time & space 'may be' an illusion created by billions of dimensional shifts per second...with these dimensions being like TV channels, as in being frequency based, and our small frequency jumps make it seem as though time & space is a linear progression instead of a shift of frequency. So...raise the vibrational resonance we have to work with, and we potentially raise the amount of the “jump space” between frequencies??? Why not... =)

And finally, Bee's Breath: What Bee's Breath is, is a specific toning technique used to generate energetic resonance and it seems to be able to be used for multiple purposes. We have been working towards raising our vibration collectively & individually using Bee's Breath for the past 2 months. We've been told that Bee's Breath is a language and it has been “suggested” that we use Bee's Breath with the intent to connect and communicate with the temple (Star Lodge) in the future & to send our vibrational signal towards Orion. (ALSO: Connect with our higher selves, higher dimensions...future selves??) Last Wednesday at the Orion tea David told us that we held 415Hz for over 3 minutes while toning with Bee's Breath. Honestly he seemed pretty giddy about this when I spoke to him after the tea...which makes me feel that working with this is promising! I'm excited to continue moving forward!!! =)

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