Ben Carroll’s sound journeys are unlike any other I have ever experienced! Playing his crystal bowls prepares and tunes the body and then his voice guides you gently and powerfully into other dimensions. This allows the body to heal and the expansiveness of existence to be really felt and embodied. For me Ben’s sound work stirs deep and ancient memories, coming as waves of nostalgia of past and future like remembering an amazing dream that I had forgotten for centuries. The journey is like being aboard a “sound ship” and I find myself being more physically relaxed, a calmer and clearer mind, I’m more in tune with my spirit and with a deeper remembrance of my true self. I believe Ben’s sound work holds codes that will greatly assist in the awakening of humanity!
— Jaclyn Ouillette, Wilderness Wisdom Journeys ~ Yarmouth, ME
I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Sound Healing Journeywork Workshop at OmLand, my home yoga studio in Bangor. I am wide open to new experiences and this one looked fascinating. As I turned the corner in the darkened studio, I saw Ben seated at the center of the long side of the room. Surrounded by small white lights, crystals, hanging chimes, and 9 pure white bowls of graduated sizes, he’d created a glowing island in the space. He reminded me somehow of a character from Lord of the Rings, surrounded by peace. Each of the roomful of participants was encouraged to get really comfortable with any or all of the many options~zabutons, zafus, blankets, bolsters. After brief self introductions and some shared breathing, we settled in prone, heads closest to Ben’s circle. What happened for the next 75 minutes is indescribable really. The room became sound. The sound vibrated in each cell of my body. Ben’s use of instruments and voice was like nothing I’ve heard before or since. It was eerie, beautiful, and totally engulfing. I experienced periods of clarity and presence, my mind more active than I wanted, but there were also long spans when I was the sound. When the experience was complete, I wanted to share my thoughts, as Ben invited us to do, but I needed time to be able to think and speak clearly, so profound was this experience. Will I do it again? Absolutely. Next time, I will arrive more settled, more prepared, knowing now that this opportunity is precious. Thank you so much, Ben, for what you do. It is transformative.
— Val Rich ~ Bangor, ME
I have been to a lot of sound healings and have always found the benefits truly amazing and physically visceral. My most recent sound healing was with Ben. Writing this is honestly hard because I am truly speechless. It was by far the most amazing and unique experiences I have ever had. Ben Carroll is truly in his purpose as his singing penetrates your soul. It brings you to a different state of consciousness that is beyond this earthly realm we call home. I will definitely be seeking out his healings in the future.
— Shannon Fitzgerald, Former owner of Awake the studio ~ Wakefield, MA
Experiencing Ben’s sound healing journey at Omland Yoga in Bangor, Maine recently was very powerful. I am grateful to have had the opportunity. In the deepest waves of the healing I connected to the Universe..propelled forward from my heart. I felt like I was an instrument vibrating at the highest possible frequency into the furthest reaches of space...resonating with an exact frequency “mirrored” back to me.
The feelings of calm, quiet and higher vibration in my body after the workshop were extra gift.
— Gail Zuck ~ Bangor, ME
I had an amazing sound journey experience with Ben. Feeling the reverberations of the tones was a sensation unlike any I’ve experienced. It really seeped into my bones and cells, and allowed me to move in and out of states of consciousness, opening up to messages and guidance. I enjoyed Ben’s gentle guidance during the session, and his insights afterward about what he intuitively picked up on. Sound journeying with the high vibrations of Ben’s voice and his singing is incredibly powerful and uplifting. I highly recommend working with Ben!
— Rachel Horton White, Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting ~ Falmouth, ME
Biodome 2.jpeg
My sound journey with Ben was nothing short of spectacular. After warmly welcoming me into his home, we started the session with some toning, which was a great “warm up”. The sound journey itself was wonderful. I laid on the floor next to Ben and all his bowls so I not only experienced the sound, but also the vibration of the bowls on my back through the floor. 
I left feeling strong, rejuvenated, and fully integrated in my body. Almost two weeks later I am still feeling the effects. 
Ben is a truly gifted healer—add to that his musical knowledge and talent, and you’ve got a recipe for some powerful and transformative healing!
— Sarah Fuller, Metrowest Community Acupuncture ~ MA
Ben is amazing. I love the way he checks in when setting the tone of the healing for a group because for me it was right on the money. Two seconds into playing and I was overcome with a feeling of just being home. I started to cry...I can’t explain it exactly. He is truly heart centered and led, coupled with an amazing talent that pours through and is able to reach in and connect with things in you most modalities cannot. His light is so amazing. I cannot imagine how far his work is and will continue to reach and transform. If you are lucky enough to catch him • don’t hesitate! This was so needed for me and I cannot express enough gratitude for him and his willingness to show up for his calling.
— Jennifer Wanda ~ Portland, ME
Sound journey, it sounds so simple in a way, but I found sound journeying with Ben Carroll anything but mundane. I felt like Ben was listening as much as he was making sound, listening to the needs of the group, and listening to what might help us attune to our essential selves, and clarify our own thread’s connection to the music of the spheres. I also found this sound journey deeply relaxing and invigorating, clearing mind chatter and helping me settle and be present. I can hardly wait to do it again!
— Sylvan Thorncraft ~ Scarborough, ME
I brought my grandmother to one of Ben’s sound healing journeys as a birthday present at my friend’s yoga studio because she wanted to go. I had no idea what to expect as I had never experienced sound healing before… I was maybe even a little bit skeptical- but the experience blew my mind! It was a cathartic experience- felt like all of my senses were washed clean and within the next couple of days, some profound energetic and emotional shifts took place. Ben is definitely skilled at his art and I’m so happy he’s sharing it so generously with the world!
— Cassandra Elizaneth ~ ME
Ben’s sound meditation was a divine and beautiful experience. Between Ben’s loving, harmonious energy and the peaceful sound and energy of his crystal bowls, my body was humming with peace and my mind became still and clear. 
I left Ben’s meditation feeling clear-headed, light, joyful, and deeply connected to my heart. I look forward to many more of Ben’s classes and would recommend them to anybody looking to experience greater peace, love, and joy in their life.
— Robyn Wiley, Author; Joy & Authenticity Coach; Reiki Master ~ Portland, ME
Infinite Journey Wellness Center was honored to have Ben Carroll come and conduct a Sound Journey. From the first stroke of his bowls, the room was filled with uplifting and inspirational tone of music that took us deeper into a mystical realm. Each guest was able to quiet the mind and relax into a majestic and peaceful state of being, allowing them to escape into the beauty of the music. Ben’s lovely musical bowls, chimes and magical voice can only be explained as superb. We highly recommend Ben’s Sound Journey to all that are ready for an exceptional experience that you’ll remember for years to come!
— Amy Major, Infinite Journey ~ Salem, NH
Had the pleasure of enjoying a heavenly sound experience with Ben this week at Healing Spirits. The sound journey as it’s called is exactly that, it propels your soul into another dimension. Looking forward to your next visit.
— Liz L. ~ Salem, NH
His bowls, his voice and his soul rose into the room harmonizing in a powerful blend of energy that spoke directly to that place in me that I long to be. It was powerful and inspiring. What can we all be if we live our soul’s truth?
— Jaye Lauder ~ Conway, NH
Ben presented a Sound Healing Journey at the Light Center in August. It was wonderfully clearing and soothing. Our community resonates with sound healers and loved Ben’s event. We hope to have him return! Thank you, Ben!
— The Light Center ~ Black Mountain, NC
Myself and I and my 25 yr. old daughter, attended your “Sound Healing Class” on Sunday, August 20, 2017 in Black Mountain, NC at the “Light Center”.  We both really enjoyed being there, and we’re also enjoying your CD’s too.  Yes, your gentle sound meditations and crystal bowl tones were such a blessing, and your personal sharing was also very inspirational and instructive.  I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, and have been for 15 yrs and I took your class to build some continuing Ed/re-certification hours.
— Randy D., Certified Healing Touch Practitioner ~ Little Mountain, SC
I was lucky enough to experience my first sound journey with Ben when he first came to Healing Spirits last month. There really are no words that can fully articulate the incredible journey it was!! I sank in to it very quickly, and was just lost to the magnificent sounds. It was a very profound experience for me, I received a lot of validation, and very clear messages about myself and my path. It still makes my heart happy when I think about my experience. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and I am beyond excited that Ben is returning next week, I cannot wait to see where I go this time around! Thank you Ben, for sharing your amazing gifts with us!
— Jennifer Boulanger ~ Plaistow, NH
I had the pleasure of hosting a sound healing journeywork event at my yoga studio. Ben was great! His easy way with people, his gentle and clear instructions throughout, and his obvious love for his craft all shone through. Ben’s skill with the singing bowls and his amazing voice easily take you outside of your head space and onto another level. Highly recommended!
— Leane Rexford, Northern Oasis ~ Berlin, NH
Ben Carroll has the gift of sacred voice and creating sacred sound with his singing crystal bowls and chimes.I am blessed to have experienced them with other kindred souls. His Sound Healing Journeywork is powerful, transcending, and joyful. I was immersed in a vortex filled with Light, Love and Divine Harmony. I am looking forward to the sharing of his gifts again soon.
— Rebecca Jones ~ Merrimac, MA
Recently, my husband and I found a truly unique offering for sound healing through Facebook. Much to our delight, we participated in Ben Carroll’s chakra clearing presentation using crystal singing bowls in conjunction with Ben’s voice chanting. The experience was truly amazing and centering. Words cannot capture the true meaning of complete immersion in ones center during the relaxing time that evening. We are so looking forward to our next encounter!!
— Bob & Terry Gagne ~ Saco, ME
I feel so blessed to have been able to attend Ben’s Sound Journey at OmLand Yoga in Bangor last night. His music is still resonating, tuning and making changes on a cellular level. Experiencing with a group heightens the effects. Even though I did nothing, Ben made me feel part of a mini universe whose intent was for global good. Namaste
— Jeanette Christ ~ Bangor, ME
I have always been drawn to the singing bowls. I was able to experience my frist Sound Journey  with Ben Carroll and his singing bowls.   All I can say is WOW!!!
He is so gifted in the way he plays those bowls, added with his voice, togeather they vibrate though your soul, releasing pent up drama that is in need of release.
When all is said and done you feel like a heavy load has been lifted off your shoulders.   Your body tingles with delight, because now it’s light and energized.   If you ever get the opportunity to join one of Ben Carroll’s  group, do it. You won’t regret it!!!!
— Sherry Skelton ~ Freeport, ME
It has been an honor and a privilege as the owner of healing spirits to host Inner self sustained sound journeys with Ben Carroll!!.. His love and passion for what he does and his desire to create a more beautiful world ...and self, comes through in this transformational experience!!
— Tammy Hawkes, Healing Spirits ~ Plaistow, NH
It was a pleasure meeting Ben and my sound healing journey was wonderful. I have a colleague who does crystal bowl meditations, but this experience was completely different.
Her group sessions are more meditative. Ben’s was relaxing but at the same time very stimulating. Within seconds I was face to face with what seemed to be an ancient warrior in a leather owl headdress...I felt like I journeyed back in time, and what I saw explained some things in my present life.
— Jean T. ~ Gardiner, ME
As a part of my spiritual growth, my experience with Ben’s talent was so rewarding. I saw him at The Retreat at Loon Pond in Litchfield, ME during a time that I have been struggling through some things. His performance resonated with me for days and I can’t wait to join him again in the future. Besides the crystal bowl singing, I was so impressed by Ben as a person. He is definitely on the right track to making this experience more popular. There weren’t any young people except me at the event and I’m hoping his popularity will attract more of a diverse group. You’re amazing, Ben! :)
— Kate Harris ~ Portland, ME
I have the utmost admiration and respect for Ben Carroll and his music. He brings his spirit into his work. His ability to bring others into a true journey through sound is phenomenal whether it is through breath work, guitar, voice or crystal singing bowls. Center for Balanced Living, LLC has had the honor of hosting Ben a number of times and each experience has been deeply moving. First timers to Ben’s events usually become repeat attendees. If we go too many months without a Ben Carroll sound journey, clients start asking when he is coming back. I look forward to a long working relationship with Ben and to watching what unfolds as he continues to explore through sound.
— Elizabeth Jackson, Body & Soul Health Solutions & Center for Balanced Living ~ Falmouth, ME
I just had my very first Sound Journey experience with Ben Carroll & all I can say is...WOW. His amazing voice & use of crystal bowls & various instruments took me to a place of deep healing that I will forever be grateful for. As the owner of the studio space where the event was held, I can’t say enough about Ben’s professionalism & kindness throughout the planning process. Having no idea what to expect, I was absolutely blown away by his voice & the sounds that permeated through the room. I felt so connected to each & every person who attended the event, including Ben himself. Everybody in attendance (including me) is waiting patiently to have another blissful sonic experience. I’m hooked!
— Kristin Piracini, RISE Fitness Studio ~ Merrimac, MA



Ben’s playing is transcendent; his ability to hold space for transformation - powerful, and his intuition - acute. The group came together mostly unfamiliar and left with a feeling of community, united by sacred sound - in deep reverence - honoring the mystery of healing and their own potent psychic abilities, which Ben’s playing further ignited. Ben’s presence, playing and deep appreciation for everybody’s personal experience helped to reveal that we all have magic in us.
— Christy McKinnon, The Mind-Body Studio at One Earth ~ Shapleigh, ME
I had the pleasure of a healing sound journey with Ben Carroll at Mountain Base Yoga in Goffstown, NH last Saturday.  I have been practicing and teaching meditation for most of my life. Lately I have found my ascension experience to be quite isolated although I have had great change, it was with great happiness I found myself to be in this session. Imagine sounds, chanting, music, reverberation, bringing you to a primordial sense of consciousness beyond light and dark to just what is, pure being. This was my personal experience. Just as if you were invited to nestle within a great oak tree with a spirit that meets you from the inside. I challenged myself to remain steady, my heart open, my mind curious and found myself brought to a place of wonder and light. I am grateful for my participation with such a kind and talented teacher.
— Colleen Hanabergh , Practitioner and Teacher of Guided Meditation ~ NH
I’ve been fortunate to know and see Ben through his rock star days. He is a sensational guitarist. BUT, I believe he has found his true calling. The Sound Journeying Experience is magical. It took me about a minute to give myself over to the sounds. It seemed as though I was off planet. I was soaring with my spirit falcon. I just felt so free. Time went by quickly for me and when we were finished I felt like the weight of the world was taken from me. I had an incredible sense of calmness. Ben is sharing his light with the world now. I am so very happy for him. I have signed up for my next Sound Journey at the end of June.
— Judy Stella ~ Salisbury, MA
I have been on my journey to awaken to my empathic gifts for the last six years. On Sunday, July 16th I had the honor and pleasure of attending a workshop where Ben took us on a vibration raising sound healing journey! Profound and phenomenal are two words along with transcending that immediately come to mind. I have always found myself energetically moved by music and listening to Ben was pure magic. His combination of bowl playing and vocal accompaniment resonated with every cell in my system. I would recommend that everyone clear your mind and prepare to journey effortlessly!
— Roberta Joline, Reiki Master ~ Portland, ME
Listening to Ben’s music brings me back to the way I like to feel: calm, centered and open. I use his music as my reset button. I am very grateful to have discovered this gift which feels so elemental.
— Ellen Corson ~ ME
I have had prior experiences with crystal singing bowls before and Ben Carroll’s session was extremely transformative. While he played I had a visualization of splitting open the junk around me and finding crystals inside that I was able to shed (almost like a geode!). I actually felt compelled to use my hands to help crack open this stuck energy. Since then I feel like I have disposed of so much darkness and can concentrate on moving into the light! Also, I had just moved to the area and this was the first time I treated myself to a sound session. Listening to both Ben’s music AND his words has helped me to know that I will find “my people” in my new home! Thanks Ben …on so many levels!!!
— Karen “Cherish” Noel ~ North Carolina
What an amazing experience. It wasn’t until the next day that I recognized the full impact of the healing sound journey. Thank you!
— Stacy Ladakakos ~ ME
Ben Carroll isn’t just another sound healer- he creates an exceptional experience with sound. Ben’s talents for working with sound and vibration include using his astounding voice, adding a multi-dimensional, other-worldly layer to the tones of his work. I felt lifted up into other realms that I can only describe as angelic, and cosmic.
— Lisa Adams, Sanctuary Yoga & Wellness ~ Staunton, VA
Ben’s Sound Journey was an outstanding experience—very relaxing, and energizing in just the right ratio. His voice adds a unique touch to the already beautiful effort. I would attend more sessions if they were closer by. I encourage you to attend to personally feel the power of this gifted Master Musician.
— Maria Wells ~ Salem, NH
Ben is a sound alchemist whom I had the honor to meet and experience at the light center. In his sessions he transmutes lower frequencies to LIGHT! Ben Carroll is a Rock Star of sound healing!
— Altar Raye, The Light Center ~ Black Mountain, NC
I had the pleasure of attending one of Ben Carroll’s sound healing. It was indeed an amazing experience. His voice is magical and combined with the crystal bowls it touches deep into the soul. It was the best sound healing experience I have ever had and stayed with me long after it had ended. I would highly recommend if anyone has the chance to attend one to do so.
— Jessica Roberge, North Woods Massage ~ Gorham, NH
Experiencing a sound journey with Ben was definitely soulful magic.... the sounds he created with voice and bowls took me into a timeless realm ..... and I loved every minute of it .... I want more of this magic in my life!
— Kathleen Bouquet ~ Lewiston, ME
I was fortunate to attend a Singing Bowl event by Ben Carroll. I felt such bliss and gratitude for having been engulfed within the sounds of the bowls that penetrated my cells, my whole being. Gravity held until I “let go” to the flow of the vibration which held calm and clarity.......Yummm
— Karen Rollins ~ ME
I have to admit this was my first experience with Sound Healing but it will not be my last. I am a nontraditional  student studying for my degree in Music Therapy which was one of my reasons for attending.  This was powerful! I could feel warmth, peace and love emanate from the bowls and your voice. I could feel the light embrace my body. Towards the end of the journey I felt an amazing warmth in my lower back, I thought that the floor was  heated but realized it wasn’t, it was energy and it felt wonderful!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to attend this workshop and look forward to the next one!!
— Lori Kogut ~ Bangor, ME
Dear Ben, For me, the beautiful gift of your voice combined with the bowls was a moving and spiritual experience. I highly recommend any future opportunity to participate and receive the pleasure of Ben’s gifts! It is time well spent and you will not be disappointed.
— Stephanie Swan ~ Farmington, ME
Our studio was blessed with a sound journey session by Ben. The amazing sounds guided each of us through unique visualizations and experiences, connecting us to deeper levels of consciousness. The sounds resonated with the energy centers of our bodies, opening the door to unique feelings and sensations. The bowls were breathtaking, the chimes, hauntingly beautiful and the tingsha bells, delicately soothing. I would highly recommend Ben’s sound journey to any who wishes to travel deeply into their bodies and minds!
— Monique Robitaille, BareUrth Mind Body Studio ~ Arundel, ME
11-17-17 The River Studio.jpg
Thank you for such a lovely, angelic sound journey! It was a very heart opening and restorative experience. Thank you for providing a safe circle and space, giving participants a chance to open up.
— Catherine Chester ~ North Conway, NH
I returned to Ben’s sound journey, bringing my husband and daughter to share the amazing experience. The 3 of us loved it! Ben’s vocal range is extensive, accompanied beautifully by the majestic crystal bowls. I encourage you to attend so you can feel firsthand the relaxation that comes from deep within your soul.
I look forward to Ben returning to Infinite Journey in March. I’ll most definitely be there!
— Maria Wells ~ Salem, NH
I took part in a “Sound Healing” workshop with, Ben Carroll, guitarist for the metal/post-grunge band, “Ra”. Ben has shared the stage with bands such as, Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, Seether, Alice in Chains and Deftones and has songs in movies and TV. Today, he is passionate about helping lightworkers and others, evolve and awaken through sound healing. He is such an amazing singer and his workshop was very powerful for me. Singing bowls are something I was familiar with and even used, but Ben takes them to another level with his vocals and intention.
I felt a great deal of density leave my body and the potency of his work left me feeling clear and focused for my upcoming travel/speaking engagements. If you ever have a chance to take part in a workshop with Ben or anyone else, using this modality of healing, I encourage you to try it!
— Dayna Martin, Author/Speaker ~ Madison, NH
The most amazing thing to me about our Sound Journey was that my partner and I had completely different, very wonderful (needed!) experiences. I have been a professional violinist for much of my life and I usually know how sounds are produced. There is little mystery for me in processes. Over the years, the digitization of recorded sound has sharply dulled my desire to listen to or make music. Ben’s atonal voice etched against the clear resonances of bowls and solfeggio tubes left me almost ecstatic, energized, wanting to make music again. My partner is an engineer, and he has the ability to journey. (I don’t.) He spent the entire hour and a half in vibrant light, moving from “place to place” (that’s how he described it) and loving every minute of it. He would do it again in a heartbeat. I sensed a lot of risk in the ‘performance.’ Ben’s openness—and his vocal ability to sustain the dissonances and resonances for a long, leisurely journey—helped us both open up and feel safe. It was very meaningful and important for ‘moving on.’
— Bethe Hagens, Ph.D. ~ Kennebunkport, ME
Last night’s group class, Ben Carroll’s Experience Sound Healing Journeywork Event, was profound from my perspective. He has an informative introduction that is understood easily by the novice to advanced soul. I loved the breathing techniques he shared. Laying down with my head towards the Singing Bowls, I could not see his performance, but what I heard and felt and experienced - has no comparison. The Singing Bowls along with his voice manifested into what I can only describe as being from a high Angelic Realm to the Call of Wolves, and I also heard what sounded like a didgeridoo a few times during the 1 hour session, along with clicks similar to what we hear from our Dolphin Friends. For me it felt like a beautiful bathe of sound accented by Earth and Spirit that vibrated through my inner-verse, actually helping to highlight any blocked energy that I was able to immediately address. I journeyed from inside my body to ceiling level in the studio - and rode on the vibrational waves of sound both on my own and with the group. I felt so uplifted and still do this next day. A Tune up on a cellular level! I highly recommend this one of a kind experience!
— Nancy Tanzella ~ Massachusetts
My mother and I attended a Sound Journey with Ben Carroll last Saturday. I have heard Ben before so I knew what to expect. My mother on the other hand was attending to support me and to be “polite” I think it is important to tell you some History of my Mom’s health; She was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was 11 years old. At the time it went untreated and because of that neglect, she has had many surgeries from reconstructive to rods implanted in her back. Needless to say my mom has been in chronic pain her entire life. if it is not her hand it is her knee, feet, back or all of the above at the same time.
We began the sound journey; in my mother’s account she states; “I liked the music immediately, It was nice and I was ok with staying put.” “I notice a ringing in my ears and more importantly as I checked in with my body, I noticed that my wrist didn’t hurt, I noticed my knee didn’t hurt, in fact for the first time in my life there was no pain at all!!” She was astonished at what it was like to not feel pain... I can’t imagine what life would be like in constant pain, I am thrilled that my mom had a moment of relief, we are going to purchase Ben’s CD so that she can listen to them anytime I am very interested in seeing if the relief she obtain in circle will continue...Thank you so much Ben my entire family is delighted for my mom and her relief. Thank you Thank you thank you
— Roberta Holloway, What If Collaborative ~ Gorham, ME
I was lucky enough to attend a recent meditation with Ben Carroll and his sound bowls. It was AMAZING. I am very new to meditation and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard some super things from people I know and had viewed the vignette posted online, but didn’t know exactly how it would work. I arrived at Integrated Healing in a rush. I thought I was going to be late. Ben greeted me with his soft and calm voice. Relaxation begins. It took me a quite a bit to settle because while I was driving in, I was driving fast to be on time, deep breathing and listening to classical music (and I wonder why it didn’t work!) When we began, Ben “felt” the room to determine what we needed. We did the “bee hum” and I think that I mastered. Then the meditation began. The sound of the bowls was fabulous. It filled the room and my body. As I said before, I am very new to this. As he guided us into the meditation, I fell into the “mood”, but the bowls really filled my soul. Ben’s vocalizations added so much to the haling. The meditation went on for 1 1/2 hours! While I had some trouble letting go during the last portion, I was still amazed at how fast the time had gone. The sharing afterwards was so interesting. Almost all of us had the same vision of water either streams or oceans. The fact that we had all been joined in that was something I had not felt before and was a whole new experience for me. I was able to talk to Ben and to the others about my problems with meditating and everyone was so helpful. Basically it amounted to the fact that as I meditate more, I will erase the blocks that I have. It was such an encouraging space and a place where I did not feel ashamed of what I hadn’t accomplished, but allowed me to focus on what I had. Ben spent time with me in one-on-one conversation to help me along as well. He was so giving of himself! I purchased all 3 of Ben’s CDs and can’t wait to begin meditating with them. Ben is coming back to Integrated Healing and I can’t wait to go on this journey with him again. This time I will be even more prepared and eagerly await the next “round”. Thank you so very, very much Ben! I cannot thank you enough for your help, your gentle, calming manner and the gift that you share with us.
— Patricia A. Romanuk‎ ~ Plaistow, NH
I have had the opportunity to sit in circle with Ben many times. Each time he brings sound healing to the circle there is magic in it for me. The unique instrumental blend is pleasing to my senses, including my sense of wonder. Ben tunes into the group, and the group has the opportunity to tune into each other. The end result is bliss! I carry that resonance with me ~~~~~~~ and look forward to the next gathering. Thank you, Ben, for sharing your gifts.
— Joanne Weiss, 1 Big Sustainable Island ~ Monmouth, ME