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What If Collaborative Event ~ Gorham, ME

As part of the Sound Journey portion of this awesome event, 2:30-3:30pm, I'll be sharing a guided meditation designed for activating group resonance. This way of crystallizing group energy is something that was given to me over a year ago...I've been waiting for the right time to start sharing this. Today is the day.

<3 I hope to see you there! <3


Come and join our celebration! We will use art, music, vision and community to promote and inspire thought into action. Come see how abstract artist perceive the words of the What If campaign. What would Kindless look like in abstract form? 

Let yourself resonate with the energy of the singing bowls that Ben Carroll will masterfully play. 

Join Lisa Clement in a fun exploration of harmony of space and spirituality as she guides you through Feng Shui principals. 

Finally, as if this wasn't enough to get you off your butt to join us, we will end with a Djembe drum circle. All levels are welcome. Bring your music makers extra drums may be available.

237 Main St,
Gorham, ME 04038-1307