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Sound healing, Breathwork, Plant Meditation - Shapleigh, ME

Ben Carroll, Sound Healer of Inner Self Sustained, will be joining Tiffa Do of Earth Sight Healing for another collaboration at her winter caretaking studio in Shapleigh, Maine on April 2!

Ben and Tiff started collaborating a couple years ago for these beautifully transformational explorations of sound, journeying, and healing through the powers of community and the Earth and are coming back to share this unique experience with you all! Ben's first official Sound Healing happened here with this collaboration and now he is doing many collaborations, solo events, and private healings all around the Northeast! 

Tiff has been leading groups in connecting to the earth since 2010 and has been offering private hands on healing work since 2013. She is a passionate steward of the earth and humanity and wants to share this work with all beings that has transformed her own life.

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Sunday, April 2 at 2pm
The day will start with an opening circle and the inviting in of the herbal plant spririt we will be drinking the tea of. 
We then will start some vigorous breathwork that Tiff has been working with for the past several years, that was shared with permission from indigneous medicine healers of the Amazon. It is very energizing and can create some shifts in consciousness, sometimes releasing stored emotional tensions from the body and awakening to all of the cells.

After the breathwork, we will be able to lie down and be guided into a more quiet inner place to journey to the spirit of the plant and the earth and our own hearts. Tiff will use guided meditation and sound to help initiate this process.

Then Ben will be using his full set of singing bowls for a full half hour sound bath that will be completely transformational in it's own amazing accord. Sound healing has been used for centuries to help restructure the chemistry in our bodies, keep disease at bay and prevent it, and help raise our consciousness to the next level of being able to create change in the vibrational world around us!

We will close with "bee's breath", a form of toning, and some silent meditation outside, and a sharing grounding circle.

Suggested energetic exchange: $20-40

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