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Sound Healing and Breathwork with Plant Sprits! (With Ben Carroll and Tiffa Do!) - Shapleigh, ME

Ben Carroll and Tiffa Do are joining forces of "the force" for the first time to ring in the energy of our beautiful beingness of this earth! 

Guided meditation and breathwork from tribal Amazonian peoples, accompanied by herbal plant spirits with Tiff.

Ben will be creating sacred space with his SINGING BOWLS and other magical devices to create specific frequencies attuned to certain resonances of humanity and the elements.

We will be ringing in together with our own vocal toning and RAISING THE VIBRATION of our energy fields within and creating ripples out to the beautiful nature of the land here on the pond and BEYOND!

Energetic exchange suggested donation $10-30

Welcome to hang out after for some nature 'splorin and soup!