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Mini Sound Retreat on 1BSI ~ Cultivating Bliss ~ Monmouth, ME

  • 1 Big Sustainable Island 705 Route 135, Monmouth, Maine 04259 (map)

Mini Sound Retreat with Ben Carroll on 1 Big Sustainable Island
Including Vibration Tuning Workshop (Cultivating Bliss) & Sound Journey Session Healing Journey Retreat

Facebook event:

We live in a time of transition. This world, it's people collectively, and each of us individually are experiencing this on may levels. Change can be quite a difficult experience, especially in this instance where we are continually going through regular, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle changes which affect the very nature of our existence in this time/space. This can be an anxiety filled, even downright frightening experience.

It's all going to be ok. 

Something that helps to ease these transitions is maintaining our spiritual center, traveling deep within to reconnect with our inner nature and strengthen our intuition. Functioning from this space allows us access to states of bliss and ecstasy which helps us to move through the anxiety and to embrace these changes from a space of love and gratitude. 

The world we experience is up to us.

Experiencing this changing world from a space of bliss and gratitude will instantly shift how these changes are affecting you, even downright shift the patterning of these changes in your world. We are each a very powerful creator. Working from this space with groups of people amplifies this immensely. Collective tuned we are an immensely powerful creator. 

Tuning for the body, mind & soul

Sound is a very powerful medium, it is a tuning for the body mind and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind into a much deeper meditative state than meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much healing and releasing can occur allowing for states of bliss and ecstasy to permeate our being. From this state of mind it's much easier to find that spiritual center, and to tap into higher states of consciousness, and reconnect to our own intuition.

Coming together to harness the group energy from this space of connected bliss is a powerful experience. The opportunity to work together in a setting as beautiful as 1 Big Sustainable Island for this low of a price is awesome. ♥


Schedule of events:
11am Boat rides to the island
12-2:30pm Explore the island (walking paths, beautiful meditation/contemplation spots, swimming, rope swing into the lake, canoes...)
2:30-5pm Vibrational Tuning Workshop ~Cultivating Bliss~ and extended Sound Journey Guided by Ben Carroll
5-6pm Further exploration of the island
6pm Boat rides back to the mainland for daytime only tickets


Tickets: $40
(Includes Boat Rides, Sound Journey & Island Exploration)

This event is brought to you by 1 Big Sustainable Island: