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Becoming Light Album Release Party at Mandala Garden Farms ~ Kensington, NH

  • Mandala Garden Farms 56 Osgood Road Kensington NH 03833 United States (map)

Mandala Garden Farms
56 Osgood Road
Kensington NH 03833

Facebook event:

Preregistration is $50 for those who have preordered the new album Becoming Light.

You will recieve them the night of the celebration from Ben and can have them signed at that time.

Please call or txt Briana at (978)684-2266 with your name, email address and let me know that you preordered the album and I will send you an invoice for the Album Release Celebration!!!
You can also contact me through facebook as well.

Please take note that this is on a Saturday evening instead of the usual Friday evening so the time span could be extended for album signing, picture taking and healthy snacks after the meditation.

Day of the event is $65 at the door if there are any parking spaces left.
These events reguarly sell out so you may need to carpool in with someone who already reserved their parking space.

Do you remember that you volunteered to come to Earth at this time for a reason? You knew very well that coming here meant that, for a time, you'd be cut off from the memories of who you really are. You knew that this would be a great challenge. You knew that at the start you would be working with only a vague idea of why you are here and what you are trying to accomplish. You knew that this "vague idea" would go against much of what you would be taught as truth on Earth. But you had faith that the "vague idea" of why you are here and the cloudy memories of your deeper purpose would be enough to start you down the path that you intended for yourself.
As you've been on this path the intended purpose of why you came here has become more and more apparent. You may have walked this path blindly at first, but as you've traveled further more and more of your memories have been returning. It's important to remember that you are not alone. You are not without help on many levels. Before coming here you laid out a path with many guideposts along the way; reassuring synchronicities, events and information that tickled at the hidden memories of who you really are, and even external intervention at the times when that has been needed. These guideposts have kept you on the right path all of these years, whether you realize it or not.
At this time, after years of walking this path, maybe you have mostly remembered your purpose, or maybe you only have that "vague idea" which is still muddled with doubts, it does not matter. This world that we have stepped into is changing, and the change is taking hold. The people here are starting to come into higher awareness, and their consciousness is starting to work with the shifting energies of this time. You are helping with this more than you know, just by being here. You are so important. So many have so much love and gratitude towards you.
It's time for us to come together. We each carry the resonance of our true selves at our core. When we come together we amplify this resonance. This amplification helps us to start to awaken to even more of our memories, which helps to strengthen the resonance we hold, which helps it to amplify even more...creating a landslide towards remembering. As we come together, and as we hold this resonance together, we create a magnetic pull for those like us who may not have found their purpose yet. As more of those like us start to awaken and come online they will start seeking just as we do, and they will find their way to join us. This will create an even more potent amplification of our resonance. We will come together. Our family will grow. We will remember.


“...Ben Carroll’s sound journeys are unlike any other I have ever experienced! Playing his crystal bowls prepares and tunes the body and then his voice guides you gently and powerfully into other dimensions..."

"... Imagine sounds, chanting, music, reverberation, bringing you to a primordial sense of consciousness beyond light and dark to just what is, pure being. This was my personal experience...."

"...Ben Carroll isn’t just another sound healer- he creates an exceptional experience with sound. Ben’s talents for working with sound and vibration include using his astounding voice, adding a multi-dimensional, other-worldly layer to the tones of his work. I felt lifted up into other realms that I can only describe as angelic, and cosmic...."

"...Feeling the reverberations of the tones was a sensation unlike any I’ve experienced. It really seeped into my bones and cells, and allowed me to move in and out of states of consciousness, opening up to messages and guidance..."

"...The group came together mostly unfamiliar and left with a feeling of community, united by sacred sound - in deep reverence..."

"...I was maybe even a little bit skeptical- but the experience blew my mind! It was a cathartic experience- felt like all of my senses were washed clean and within the next couple of days, some profound energetic and emotional shifts took place..."

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