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Expanding the Vortex TEA

Understanding the technology of the TEA'S (Time Earth Air Space)

In TEA'S we sit in a circle to harness the wisdom and the energy of the group. We have recently been taught how to refine the technology of the TEA'S in a specific way which is designed to create an energetic vortex. It has been taught that this energetic vortex will help to bring in energies that facilitate and activate a change in our DNA. Our whole solar system is currently passing through a place of higher energy, an energetic cloud, but here on Earth we may be shielded from a significant portion of this energy. By utilizing a specific format of a TEA'S circle, together we can facilitate the creation of this vortex to pierce the veil and help that energy to flow within our group.

We have been given specific instructions on how to create this energetic vortex from David Lonebear Sanipass, passed down via spirit. Let's gather together to discuss this new information and to harness the wisdom of our wonderful community of brilliant (TEA) lights. 

How do we create this vortex?
What does the vortex do?
What are the energies that we are trying to connect with?
Why would we want to connect with these energies?