Connect and Explore yourself & the Universe through music!

Acclaimed musician & performer (former Universal recording artist) Ben Carroll is now accepting a limited number of students. Whether it's mastering guitar & voice;  or understanding sound as a healing modality that you are interested in;  you are looking in the right direction.

   Deep Learning via Private Guitar Lessons, Private Voice Lessons, or a combination of both
   Understand how music works
   Enhance your knowledge & skills
   Find your real musical voice
   Dramatically Improve your musicianship
   Develop healthy reliable habits
   Play & Sing with comfort & confidence
   Master the performance mindset

   Understand resonance & vibration
   Work with singing bowls, voice, tuning forks, drums & other instruments
   Work with sound journeys & chanting/toning
   Understand topics like:  the difference between 440 & 432;  the Om frequencies;                                               Cymatics;  building resonance;  how sound heals...

All instruction is via Skype, no traveling is required...right at your computer, from the comfort of your own home.

For more information contact Ben here: CONTACT