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Until Further Notice Celebrate Everything! ~ Monmouth, ME

  • 1 Big Sustainable Island 705 Route 135, Monmouth, Maine 04259 (map)

Until Further Notice Celebrate Everything!

Join us for this very special event that is part Sound Healing Journeywork Workshop, part farewell to Ben & Jeannine as they get ready to make a big move to Asheville, NC, part birthday party for Kent Ackley, part anniversary celebration for Jo & Kent, and FULL celebration of life!!!

The perfect summer day!

The days events:

11:30am - Meet at the dock to catch a boat to the island

12-2pm - Enjoy the beautiful island and the beautiful company; swimming, rope swing, trails, canoeing...

2-4pm - Experience a two hour Sound Healing Journeywork workshop with Ben Carroll ~ This is Ben's last NE event before moving to NC

4-6pm - More time to enjoy the island...

6-7pm - Dinner together ~ Jo will prepare us a healthy feast!

7:15pm - Sunset Boat Cruise - we'll enjoy the sunset on the lake as we leisurely cruise back to the parking lot to end this amazing day.

INCLUDED in the ticket price: 2 hour Sound Healing Journeywork workshop with Ben Carroll, Dinner together, Boat rides to and from the island, 1 full day on 1 Big Sustainable Island with swimming, rope swinging, boating, exploring...and friends.

Tickets: $60 before August 1st (early bird pricing), $75 after August 1st

REGISTRATION: Contact Joanne at to secure a spot and for payment information

1 Big Sustainable Island
705 Route 135
Monmouth, ME

Facebook event:


  • Bag Lunch
  • Swim suit and towel
  • Water shoes
  • Sun protection
  • Insect repellent
  • Yoga mat/Pillows/Blankets for the Sound Journey
  • Your will to enjoy an amazing summer day!!!

About Sound Healing Journeywork with Ben Carroll:

Sometimes it's hard to get down past our own busy minds. Journeying with sound is an invaluable tool to help us LET GO and slip down past that chatter. In this sound healing journey guided by former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll, we will utilize the sounds of his 4 octave voice, singing bowls, solfeggio tubes, and various other sound tools to journey deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnecting to our higher self and to strengthen our own intuition and inner knowing. We will utilize the energy of the group coming together to hold this intention to amplify our results and leave you feeling charged for days.

Sound Journeying (sometimes called a sound bath) is a very powerful medium. It is a tuning for the body, mind and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind and into a much deeper meditative state than what meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much HEALING & RELEASING can occur, allowing for states of bliss & ecstasy to permeate our being. From this state of mind it's much easier to find our spiritual center, to reconnect to our own intuition, and to tap into higher states of consciousness.

To start the evening we will set our intention which is always important when doing any energy work, next we'll activate the energy of the group with some simple group toning, and then we will move into the experience of the sound journey for approximately 75-90minutes.


“...Ben Carroll’s sound journeys are unlike any other I have ever experienced! Playing his crystal bowls prepares and tunes the body and then his voice guides you gently and powerfully into other dimensions..."

"... Imagine sounds, chanting, music, reverberation, bringing you to a primordial sense of consciousness beyond light and dark to just what is, pure being. This was my personal experience...."

"...Ben Carroll isn’t just another sound healer- he creates an exceptional experience with sound. Ben’s talents for working with sound and vibration include using his astounding voice, adding a multi-dimensional, other-worldly layer to the tones of his work. I felt lifted up into other realms that I can only describe as angelic, and cosmic...."

"...Feeling the reverberations of the tones was a sensation unlike any I’ve experienced. It really seeped into my bones and cells, and allowed me to move in and out of states of consciousness, opening up to messages and guidance..."

"...The group came together mostly unfamiliar and left with a feeling of community, united by sacred sound - in deep reverence..."

"...I was maybe even a little bit skeptical- but the experience blew my mind! It was a cathartic experience- felt like all of my senses were washed clean and within the next couple of days, some profound energetic and emotional shifts took place..."

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